Ad Agency New Business is Harder Because One Key Ingredient is Lacking

Ad Agency New Business Missing Ingredient

Creating and maintaining agency new business is often harder than it should be because one key ingredient is often lacking. Positioning is the foundation of any agency’s new business program. It is also the area that many agencies have not addressed because of either procrastination or, more likely, their unwillingness to make the difficult business decisions. […]

Ad Agency New Business Success Through Positioning

Small to midsize agencies can create a position for new business through content marketing and social media. Stephanie Holland is President and Executive Creative Director for Holland + Holland Advertising,Birmingham, Alabama. Working in an industry that is dominated by men. She is one of only 3% of the female creative directors in the country. That’s […]

5 Ways Social Media Marketing Makes New Business Easier

ad agency new business easy

For agency new business, you need to look at social media as a saviour not a nemesis; an asset rather than a liability; a time saver rather than a time killer.   Having spent most of my advertising career in new business development I can tell you that social media marketing is the most efficient […]

Ad Agencies: Three Things a New Business Director Needs for Success

three things agency new business directors need

A significant paradigm shift has taken place that impacts how ad agencies acquire new business that effects the knowledge and skills new business directors need to make it happen. With over 50% of client relationships lasting less than two years and the average CMO’s tenure is 27 months, the role of those charged with agency […]

5 Ways Social Media Makes Ad Agency New Business Easier

five benefits social media for ad agency new business

Advertising agencies were reluctant to participate as social media was becoming mainstream because they saw it as a major commitment of their time without much value to show in return. A lot of negative perceptions of social media has been changed. But, I don’t believe the majority of agencies have yet to appreciate the huge benefit that social media can actually make new business easier.

Small Ad Agency Generates National Attention Through Social Media

sheconomy a guys guide to marketing to women

The radio program Marketplace, is heard by an audience of more than 9.1 million unique listeners in the course of a week, on 486 public radio stations nationwide. I received a call today from a Fuel Lines reader who was excited to hear a Marketplace radio interview with ad agency president, Stephanie Holland, “No advertising love for single women”

Ad Agency: Social Media | New Business Roundtable

Social media provides great opportunities for ad agencies to network with prospective clients. It is also provides opportunity to network with other agencies.

Ad Agency Generates Inbound New Business Leads Through Social Media

Small-to midsize ad agencies can generate new business through social media, but they need to start by answering two questions:
Who is our best target audience? What is our agency’s most appealing point of differentiation?

Expand Your Agency By Narrowing Your Focus

social media makes new business easier

“In turbulent times … The natural response is to “try a little bit of everything”; to expand your services, broaden your capabilities, and try to appeal to more clients. It seems like common sense, but it’s exactly the wrong response. The best growth strategy — in good economies or bad — is to decide what not to do.”

Ad Agency Creates YouTube Video to Generate Appeal for their Niche

Ad agency using YouTube as a way of creating appeal around their niche, which is marketing to women. This niche has provided the agency with discipline, focus and a clearer direction than ever before. It is a very strong point of differentiation.