The Best Time to Post, Pin and Tweet for Ad Agency New Business

what is the best time to post, pin and tweet

Timing is critical when it comes to engaging with your social media audience. To increase the Click-Through-Rate of your article links and boot your website traffic, you need to be posting and tweeting at the best times. Figuring out the best times to post, you’ll need to consider such as the time zones where your best prospects […]

The Science of Great Tweets for Ad Agency New Business

the science of Twitter for ad agency new business

This is a guide to highlight the best tips, practices and studies to help your agency succeed on Twitter. Ever since I learned that only 1% of internet participants actively create original content, I knew that I needed to be in this elite group of Twitter accounts whose content is being read and shared by others. […]

7 Steps for Fueling New Business Through Social Media

seven steps for fueling ad agency new business

  Outlining a social media strategy for creating new business opportunities from inbound and content marketing quickly. strat·e·gy : A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim. Since I launched my consultancy using social media in 2007, social media has become main-lined into traditional marketing. But, a lot of agencies […]

My 70-20-10 Twitter Formula for Ad Agency New Business

twitter for ad agency new business

A simple formula for using Twitter more effectively for new business. I’ve been using Twitter for new business since 2007. It is the leading traffic generator for my website traffic.  One of the best helps I found when I first started using Twitter came from Angela Maiers, educator, author, blogger who leads Maier Educational Services. Angela […]

The Single Most Important Twitter Tool for Ad Agency New Business

TweetAdder Twitter prospects new business

TweetAdder is one of the most important tools you can use to build a targeted following on Twitter.  There are hundreds of 3rd party tools for Twitter, but one stands out above the rest as the most productive for using Twitter for new business. You don’t want followers just to have followers. Inbound lead generation […]

Engage Prospects In Twitter for Ad Agency New Business

How to engage Twitter with purpose and intention for agency new business. I currently have over 100,000 Twitter followers of my two Twitter accounts @MichaelGass and @FuelLines.  Twitter is the leading traffic generator to my blog Fuel Lines. Out of 30,000 + monthly page views, Twitter easily delivers more than half of my blog’s traffic. […]

Find Prospects Using TweetAdder for Ad Agency New Business

A tool that will allow you to find and build Twitter followers that are new business prospects for your agency is TweetAdder. TwitterAdder is a simple to use software program. This tool does a great job in allowing you to build a data base of highly targeted prospects for you to follow on Twitter.

How to launch a blog for ad agency for new business — fast!

launch ad agency blog fast

Agencies can’t afford to wait 6 months for social media to help generate new business, they need the business now. An agency blog serves as the central component for your agency’s social media strategy. I’ve compiled my suggested best practices to help you to get your agency’s blog up, focused and running quickly as well as rapidly building your agency’s credibility within this space.

A Great Ad Agency New Business Tool to Optimize Twitter

Twitter is being talked about everywhere. People are drawn to it because of the buzz of its popularity but the majority of people don’t understand its potential. That includes most ad agencies. My primary objective for using Twitter was to increase traffic to my blog. Twitter is now the leading traffic generator for FUEL LINES.

There are hundreds of tools that have been developed to enhance Twitter’s usefulness for marketing. The tool that is most helpful to me and the one I use most often for ad agency new business is called Tweetlater.