7 Tips for Using Twitter for Ad Agency New Business


Used in the right way, Twitter can be one of the best social media tools to be used to generate traffic and leads for your agency's new business. For the past 3 years Twitter has been the leading traffic generator to my Fuel Lines blog. It definitely needs to be part of your agency's overall … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Creating an Ad Agency Blog for New Business

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The following 10 tips are my suggestions for creating an ad agency new blog with the objective of generating inbound new business leads while simultaneously building social media capabilities and credibility: 1.  I recommend that you do not incorporate your blog into your agency’s website Online … [Read more...]

Three Helpful Services Improves Ad Agency New Business


There are three services that are essential to "jump-start" you agency's ability to generate inbound leads for new business using social media. Most ad agencies are participating in social media, meaning they have a blog, Facebook Fan page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, but they haven't … [Read more...]

10 Twitter Networking Tips for Ad Agency New Business


Get more out of Twitter and generate inbound leads for your agency's new business by creating a personal network of prospective clients. I didn't quite know what to do with Twitter in the beginning until I read an article from Angela Maiers, educator, author, blogger who now leads Maier Educational … [Read more...]

10 Twitter Mistakes Made By Ad Agencies for New Business

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Twitter is one of the social media tools that can be used as tool for your agency's social media marketing strategy to generate online traffic and a pipeline for new business leads. Many ad agencies that are finally jumping into social media have no strategy.  A good number seem to be working from … [Read more...]

Recurring Tweets On Twitter Accounts Are Being Discontinued


On Monday, October 12th, 2009, Twitter communicated that recurring tweets are in violation of their Terms of Service. Twitter’s rationale centered around the potential for recurring tweets to result in duplicate tweets. From Twitter ... Recurring Tweets are a violation no matter how they are done, … [Read more...]

Ad agencies are missing out on Twitter’s growth for new business

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Agencies are missing an opportunity to grow their business by neglecting the power of Twitter. My consultancy business has been built through the use of social media. I practice what I preach. The strategies, tactics and tools that I recommend to you are the ones that have built my business … [Read more...]

How to Generate Traffic to Your Ad Agency’s Blog with Repeat Tweets

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Twitter has long outgrown the original intent of its early adopters, establishing relationships with people by answering the question, “What are you doing?” 
  My Twitter participation from the very beginning has been from a new business perspective. How to use this new communication's tool for … [Read more...]