Is Social Media Marketing Stuck in Ad Agency Purgatory?

ad agencies stuck when it comes to social media for themselves

New data suggest that marketers know social is the way forward. Social media has also broken down the walls between between “all types” of agencies, each trying to own it for their clients. Marketers however, are finding it difficult to locate the ad agencies that are credible and capable within the social media arena.

Forrester and Edward Boches: The Future of Advertising and Agency New Business

The following is a rich resource if you want to know where advertising agencies are headed and the future for agency new business practices. We’re in the midst of a revolutionary period unlike anything we have ever seen. It’s predicted that more change will come to the advertising industry within the next five years than we have seen in the previous fifty.

2009 The Year Social Media Becomes Universal

Blake Cahill, VisInsights blog, posted a review of a report from Forrester Research by Jeremiah Owyang, Josh Bernoff, Sean Corcoran, and Steven Noble: Bold Predictions on Social Computing in 2009 from Forrester Research

Two of the most important highlights from this report that are of interest to small-to mid-size ad agencies: