A Fresh Look at How to Market Your Ad Agency for New Business

Marketing Your Ad Agency for New Business

Stop selling your services, that’s not what prospects are buying. Agency business development programs are often sales focused. They’re built around outbound, interruptive sales tactics that are designed to start engagements with prospective clients. The prospects have little, if any, awareness of the agency or how they’re different from their competitors. Success in “selling the agency” is proving […]

Is the financial bonus what really motivates your ad agency’s salesperson?

compensation and bonuses for ad agency new business

  Raising the discussion about compensation for those charged with ad agency new business. It is time to re-think how we compensate those “odd ducks” who do what no one else wants to do, selling the agency’s services. The motivation for creating new business opportunities is thought to be fueled primarily by financial rewards, the […]

Zig Ziglar and Ad Agency New Business Directors

zig ziglar selling ad agency services

  Agency new business directors have one of the most important, as well as toughest, jobs in advertising – selling the agency.  Why is agency new business so tough? Primarily because agencies are notorious for their inability to sell themselves. Agencies desperately need an expert/specialist in the mechanics of new client acquisition, someone who has the sole […]

Ad Agency New Business: Know Your Sales Averages

Guest Post: Adam Whitaker. New business, business development, agency marketing … call it what you will, it’s sales. Get over it. If you run an ad agency new business unit your role is to sell your agencies services.