The Top 10 Articles of 2011 for Ad Agency New Business

Michael Gass Ad Agency New Business 24/7

How new business is being acquired for agencies is undergoing a paradigm shift. Instead of chasing prospective clients, it’s now more important for them to find you.  I’m sure that you are well aware of the changing marketing landscape and the need to make fundamental changes to the traditional methods for business development. Paradigm Shift […]

12 Initial Steps for Ad Agency New Business Directors

12 steps new business directors

If you are charged with developing a new business program for a small to midsize advertising, digital, media or PR agency, then this article is for you. I’ve often found that new business development people often lack experience. They also usually have responsibilities other than developing new business. If this is your situation,  I’ve pulled […]

IBM Study: The 4 key challenges that CMOs everywhere are confronting

CMO IBM Study ad agencies

As CMOs struggle there is a window of opportunity for ad agency new business.  A new IBM study of more than 1,700 chief marketing officers reveals that most CMOs are well aware of the changing marketing landscape and the need to make fundamental changes to traditional marketing methods of brand and product marketing.  But they […]

Small to mid-size ad agencies need to protect their own backyard

advertising agencies digital business development

This guest post is written by Bret Giles, president of agencyside, which offers training and consulting to sell and implement digital marketing services. It’s all exclusively designed for small to mid-size advertising, marketing and PR agencies. My backyard is afoul with these pesky rodents intent on ruining what I’ve spent so much energy planting.  They just won’t […]

Ad Age: Top 10 Best Places to Work in Marketing and Media

A great work environment is a big plus for ad agency new business. Ad Age recently released the results of the best places to work in marketing and media. Any advertising agency, media owner or marketer with more than 50 full-time employees was eligible to enter.  Rankings were determined through the use of employer and […]

Ad Agencies Should KISS for New Business

The K.I.S.S. principle, “keep it simple stupid” is a great maxim to remember when developing a new business program for small to mid-size ad agencies, digital shops and PR firms. This principle has been a key to success in my years working with new business within an agency environment. When it comes to new business, […]

A Top 20 List of Ad Agency New Business Articles for 2011

Information regarding new business and social media continues to be the top interests of advertising agencies. There were over 100,000+ page views for FUEL LINES in the first few months of the year. As signs of economic recovery are on the horizon small to midsize ad agencies, digital agencies and PR firms are even more […]

31 Examples of Agencies Active in Social Media

Review and decide which of these 31 agency blogs best utilizes the power of social media. You may also pick up some fresh ideas for your agency’ blog.

How Can I Make FUEL LINES More Useful for You?

Following my 500th post and closing in on my third anniversary for FUEL LINES, I ask for your input on how I can make this blog more useful to you? Here are some areas you might like to comment on that I might improve upon:

Social Media, Conversations Take Place With or Without Your Agency

What you don’t know CAN hurt you. Over the weekend, there was a groundswell against Motrin’s latest viral advertisement that was rejected by mothers in Twitter, spread to blogs, and YouTube.

Many principles of small-to mid-size ad agencies or PR firms haven’t yet decided whether they should participate in Social Media. You need to know that conversations regarding your agency take place every day with or without you.