How to Build A Platform for Ad Agency New Business

Michael Hyatt Platform for ad agency new business

If you’re serious about taking your agency to the next level, “you can’t succeed without a platform.” Most agencies were late getting into social media. Then they literally “jumped in” with little to show for their time and effort. It takes more than a completed check-list for having an agency blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts […]

Skin in the Game: Ad Agency Creates Mini-Mutual Fund of Clients’ Stocks

Clients want more accountability from their Ad Agency. Here’s an example of an agency that has found a unique way to put some “skin in the game.” A New York advertising agency, Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners has created a mini-mutual fund of its agency clients’ stocks that are publicly traded.

New Apple device could change the way we read newspapers, magazines and books

It is imperative for agencies to stay on top of new communication technology and its impact upon our industry and clients. That said, follow Apple. This company has transformed the way we listen to (and purchase) music with the iPod and iTunes. It also changed the way we use our cellphones with the iPhone. We are perhaps weeks away from the launch of the Apple Tablet. It could change the way we consume news, read magazines and books.

FUEL LINES’ Super Bowl “Advertising” Coverage

ADVERTISING’S BIG GAME – The Super Bowl is not only the Super Bowl for football but also for the advertising industry. What’s the newest trend for this year? The incorporation of social media