Successfully Executing a New Business Strategy Requires a System

A System for Ad Agency New Business

A plan is just a plan until it’s executed. Execution is the battleground that determines success or failure. According to the RSW/US survey report, 66% of agency execs stated their new business hire was unsuccessful because the person lacked a methodology. How many annual planning meetings has your agency gone through to create a strategic new business plan only to […]

Why are ad agency new business executives performing so badly?

Rainmakers who were good at new business in the past are struggling today. According to a recent Agency-Marketer Business Report from RSW/US, the tenure of a new business director is 2 years or less. Only 26% of new business directors were viewed as successful. Why? I’ve worked face-to-face with more than 200 advertising, digital, media and […]

10 Tips For Creating a Game Plan For Ad Agency New Business

10 tips for ad agency new business

  It is absolutely essential that agencies have a plan for their new business development initiatives. I recently spoke to a group of ad agency owners. I was amazed to learn that none of them had a written new business plan. That’s inconceivable to me. If you have no plan you can’t measure what you’re doing, […]