Study: 12 Tools That Most Ad Agencies Use for New Business

guide to ad agency new business tools

The 2013 Mirren-RSW/US Definitive Guide A helpful resource for any agency owner or employees involved in agency new business. RSW/US and Mirren Business Development co-sponsored a study of tools for new business. They surveyed over 300 agency principals and senior executives to better understand … [Read more...]

Video Highlights of Mirren’s 2013 New Business Conference

Snippies, one of the largest providers of marketing communication videos, created this brief recap of the Mirren Live 2013 conference in New York. … [Read more...]

10 Reading Resources for Ad Agency New Business

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The right reading resources can help fuel your agency's new business. The only constant in advertising is change and that change can dramatically impact your agency's new business development. To maintain success, you have to keep up. That isn’t easy. Especially with this revolutionary change we’re … [Read more...]

101 Insights from the 2011 Mirren New Business Conference

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The reader's digest version of the top insights from the largest agency new business conference of the year. The 2011 Mirren New Business Conference was recently held in NYC. With over 400 advertising agencies represented, this is the premiere event of the year for agency new business. Over 400 … [Read more...]

75 Ad Agency New Business articles, posts, reports, surveys and white papers


There is a growing roster of ad agency new business blogs that provide a platform for thought-leaders to exchange ideas, learn from each other and their audience.  From these I have I've created a repository of 75 ad agency new business articles, posts, white papers, reports and surveys … [Read more...]