Inbound Marketing For Ad Agency New Business

Michael and Terri Gass

In recent studies, agencies have expressed that new business is more difficult than ever before, but it doesn’t have to be.  Don’t get me wrong, new business has historically been a problem for agencies. Most small to midsize agencies have no positioning and no point of differentiation. They look and sound the same. They are […]

The Top 50 Ad Agency New Business Articles

With almost 500 post on this blog, I thought it would be good to publish this top 50 post list. I’ve assembled the “best of” FUEL LINES agency new business articles based upon analytics of site visitors and their comments.

When Ad Agencies Should Be Leading in Social Media, Most are Overwhelmed

“More and more advertisers are leading their agencies into new media, not the other way around,” and that “clients are the ones who are personally and professionally experimenting with new media forms and directing their agencies to look into them.”

“When I started out in this business in the mid 80’s as an assistant product manager at The Frito-Lay Company, we expected our advertising agencies to be innovative and inform us about what was hip and cool – now it appears to be the other way around,” she wrote in the ANA blog.

Ad Agencies Need A Consistent PR Strategy for New Business

One of the most effective forms of communications for ad agencies is a public relations strategy. The right PR strategy can properly position your agency in the minds of your prospective audience. Don Beehler, founder of ABC & D Communications recently wrote an article regarding the need for a consistent PR effort for ad agency new business.

Recession Creates Opportunities for Small-to Midsize Ad Agencies

A recessionary period is a great time to promote your agency an increase your market share and profits.

SlideShare: Fueling Ad Agency New Business Through Social Media

This is a recent presentation that I gave, how ad agencies a new business program through social media. A lead generation program that teaches agencies how they should have been doing new business all along.

40 Ways to Take Your Ad Agency’s Blog to the Next Level

Many agencies have a blog to be able to say, “yes, we have an agency blog.” But their blog’s content is all over the place. No focus, no target, no purpose and therefore no traffic.

FUEL LINES: 2009 Reader Survey

I am eager to make my blog better and more relevant to your needs and interests. But to do that, I need your input. That’s why I have created this 2009 Reader Survey.

14 Tips for Creating An Agency Blog for New Business

To keep your agency’s new business pipeline full, create an agency blog.

I’ve shared often that the “gateway” to your agency is shifting away from the agency website (static, online brochure) to an agency blog. As important as it was to have an agency website it is now as important to have an agency blog.

New Research: Marketers are finally moving into social media along with budgets

According to the “The ROI on Social Media Marketing” report from the Aberdeen Group, that Visible Technologies sponsored, 63% of the companies in their survey planned to increase their social media marketing budgets this year. Companies are learning how to leverage social media.