Google Sidewiki: Post Comments to Even A Competitor’s Website

Google Sidewiki, which allows you to contribute helpful information next to any webpage. Google Sidewiki appears as a browser sidebar, where you can read and write entries along the side of the page.

Ad Agency CEOs Are Going Back to School for New Business

This post is written primarily for ad agency CEOs. I already had great empathy for the pressures you were under, but now you are being swamped with more pressure from the current economic crisis and the tsunami impact social media is having upon the advertising industry.

2009 The Year Social Media Becomes Universal

Blake Cahill, VisInsights blog, posted a review of a report from Forrester Research by Jeremiah Owyang, Josh Bernoff, Sean Corcoran, and Steven Noble: Bold Predictions on Social Computing in 2009 from Forrester Research

Two of the most important highlights from this report that are of interest to small-to mid-size ad agencies:

Ron Hudson’s Top 50 Men in Social Media

Ron Hudson, Immediate Influence Blog, has created a great list of the top 50 Women in Social Media. The determining factor was ranking, how much traffic their Website or blog generates. If you have additions you can add at the end of his post: 50 MOST POWERFUL AND INFLUENTIAL MEN IN SOCIAL MEDIA

Will Small and Midsize Ad Agencies Be Social Enough?

Not being social enough is a big problem for companies trying to use social media. That’s what Jeremiah Owyang and his team at Forrester Research discovered in a recent report. Forrester selected 16 companies across four industries and found only one company worthy of accolades, BMW. What makes BMW a social marketing winner? In part, […]

Fuel for Thought

“Sadly, most agencies still don’t get the new space, or if they do, they lightly gloss it over by saying “Oh yeah, we’ve a blog” and when I look, it’s a bunch of self-serving posts written by a variety of different folks with little strategy and few comments.”

Is Your Ad Agency “Connected” For New Business?

connections for ad agency new business

Is Your Ad Agency “Connected?” The answer to this question will dramatically affect your agency’s ability to attract new business. Combining Web 2.0 and Ad agency new business, provides a powerful, inexpensive and highly effective combination for your agency’s self promotional efforts.