Jay Baer Demonstrates How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Book for New Business

Youtility for Ad Agency New Business

There are many valuable tips and helpful ideas that you can use from Jay Baer’s promotion of his new book, Youtility. I just finished reading Jay Baer’s book, Youtility: why SMART MARKETING is about HELP not HYPE. I highly recommend it. This is an excellent book for agency owners to better understand how to create helpful marketing […]

Jay Baer: Why Useful Ad Agency Marketing is a Skill not a Job

Jay Baer Social Media

Guest post written by Jay Baer, marketing keynote speaker, best selling author, consultant and my friend.  Jay and I started our consulting practices about the same time, at the beginning of the Great Recession. He has become a global leader in social media marketing. His blog, Convince&Convert, is ranked as the #1 content marketing blog in the […]

Social Media: 10 Idea Starters to Keep Fresh Content Churning

  Content creation is an important part of social media success for ad agency new business, but it is also difficult to maintain without a little help. I’m going on my 5th year of creating content for my blog. I’ve found that my reading always seems to help fuel my writing and inspire ideas. So […]

Jay Baer’s The NOW Revolution: Making Your Business Smarter, Faster and More Social

This book is a must read for companies on how to stay up and adapt to the furious pace of new communication technology that impacts business. A study by IBM stressed that we were going to see more changes that impact the way we do business within the next five years than we have seen […]

Overcoming Social Media Writer’s Block

If you are going to use social media for inbound lead generation then you must have content. You have to develop a system to write even during the busiest times and also when you have bouts with writers block.

Ad Agencies: Don’t Turn Your Back on Digital

Ah yes. Digital marketing. Once a great champion. Now a broken-down has-been, struggling to remain relevant in a changing world. Like Joe Namath, but with a keyboard. So goes the story in many agencies today.

Google Sidewiki: Post Comments to Even A Competitor’s Website

Google Sidewiki, which allows you to contribute helpful information next to any webpage. Google Sidewiki appears as a browser sidebar, where you can read and write entries along the side of the page.

Content Marketing: 8 Steps to Blogging Success

eight ingredients for blogging success

As import as it was for an agency to have a Website it is now as important to have an agency blog. But it isn’t something to “check-off” your to do list. It must be done correctly to be effective for new business. This post provides some helpful insights and tools that you can utilize to make your agency’s blog successful.