The All Business “No Bull Crap” Guide to Social Media Marketing

no bullshit social media jason falls

  Turning social media into social media marketing for ad agency new business. No Bullshit Social Media is a new book that I highly recommend for ad agencies. It is hype-free advice on how to use social media marketing for business and contains a wealth of statistics, illustrations and case studies. The books insights will […]

Is Advertising a Respected Profession?

rodney dangerfield advertising a respected profession

  A lack of respect is bad for ad agency new business. You might not be able to change the perception of our industry but you can control the perception of your agency. Over the last decade, the advertising industry has become one of the least liked by Americans. In a recent Gallup Poll Advertising […]

5 reasons ad agencies continue to have problems understanding social media

five reasons ad agencies continue to have problems with social media

Forrester’s recently projected social media marketing spend to increase at an average of 34% a year through 2014. But Marketers are still finding it difficult to locate the ad agencies that are credible and capable within the social media arena. According to Forrester’s research, marketers don’t trust traditional agencies to run their social media campaigns, but neither do they trust interactive agencies their entire marketing program to smaller interactive agencies. Marketers find it difficult to find credible and capable ad agencies experienced in the social media arena.

Overcoming Social Media Writer’s Block

If you are going to use social media for inbound lead generation then you must have content. You have to develop a system to write even during the busiest times and also when you have bouts with writers block.

Google Sidewiki: Post Comments to Even A Competitor’s Website

Google Sidewiki, which allows you to contribute helpful information next to any webpage. Google Sidewiki appears as a browser sidebar, where you can read and write entries along the side of the page.

“Mindsalt – Magic ’09 Ball” Used to Promote Ad Agency

One of my daily reads through my RSS feed reader is Jason Fall’s, Social Media Explorer. Jason is the director of social media for the agency Doe-Anderson. This morning Jason put me onto a another cleaver ad agency promotion created by Mindsalt, a branding and PR firm located in Louisville, KY.

Comprehensive Resource List for Ad Agency Promotion Online

Jason Falls, director of social media for Doe Anderson, alerted me to a comprehensive list of internet marketing resources. This is a great resource list as you enlarge your agencies online footprint through online marketing and social media tools.

Tamar Weinberg, a social media enthusiast with a passion for all things tech, has put painstakingly put together a collection of posts that started in January 2008 and been collected for the past 12 months. This collection deserves to be bookmarked. The list will provide a great resource for your agency’s online promotional efforts.

Promoting Your Ad Agency Using Twitter?

Twitter is a social media tool that I wouldn’t have thought had much application for marketing but I’m now a believer. It is a great marketing tool. I’ve put together a few resources that I thought would be helpful as you explore this tool and learn how it can be used to promote your ad agency.