2015 New Business Conference to be held in Nashville, TN

The Music City Center, Nashville, TN

  The inaugural Fuel Lines New Business Conference for advertising, digital, media and PR agencies will be held the booming city of Nashville, Tennessee on October 8-9.  Nashville was recently named among the 15 Hottest American Cities for 2015 and was recently voted by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the top 5 cities to visit.  “The popularity […]

Ad Agency New Business Workshops

Fuel Lines Business Development

A New Approach for New Business New business has been a problem historically for agencies. It’s made worse with the paradigm shift in business development. The battle for new business has now primarily moved online. My epiphany regarding this shift in new business practices came from a CMO study conducted in 2007, 80% of decision makers […]

Top 10 Social Media Articles for Ad Agency New Business

ten top ad agency new business articles

A collection of the most popular Fuel Lines’ articles using social media for agency new business.  I’ve been an early evangelist of social media for new business since launching my consultancy and utilizing this new communication channel back in 2007. Fuel Lines has been the centerpiece of my social media strategy from the beginning. It hit the […]

A Top 20 List of Ad Agency New Business Articles for 2011

Information regarding new business and social media continues to be the top interests of advertising agencies. There were over 100,000+ page views for FUEL LINES in the first few months of the year. As signs of economic recovery are on the horizon small to midsize ad agencies, digital agencies and PR firms are even more […]

Ad Agency Blog of the Month: Murdoch Marketing

Out of a a group of 53 ad agencies, Murdoch Marketing’s blog, We Think. We Can. Blog., was selected as Fuel Lines’s Blog of the Month for June capturing 40% of the votes casts. Ad agencies all need an integrated social media strategy if they are ever going to see the payoff from their participation in social media. An agency blog should be the central component. The place you can drive targeted online traffic through SEO, Twitter, email newsletters, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Of these 53 ad agency blogs, which best understands social media?

Of the following 53 advertising agency blogs have been submitted to Fuel Lines, which one best understands social media. Review and vote for the best agency blog submitted for the month of June. The winner will be featured on Fuel Lines throughout the month and included in the voting for ad agency blog of the year.

How Can I Make FUEL LINES More Useful for You?

Following my 500th post and closing in on my third anniversary for FUEL LINES, I ask for your input on how I can make this blog more useful to you? Here are some areas you might like to comment on that I might improve upon:

Creating an iPhone App for Your Ad Agency’s Blog

Ad Agency New Business, there’s an App for that! Having your own iPhone app for your website or blog will become a common way to promote and extend your agency’s brand. I found that actually creating that application and getting it into the App Store can be a lengthy and expensive process.

Which of these 45 ad agency blogs best understands social media?

Which agency has the best understanding of social media? You decide. 45 ad agency blogs have been submitted to Fuel Lines. Vote for the best agency blog for the month of October. The winner will be featured on Fuel Lines throughout the month of November and included in the voting for ad agency blog of the year

Top 10 Ad Agency New Business Articles

These are the Top 10 Ad Agency New Business Posts Fuel Line readers selected for the past quarter, the post that generated the most traffic, the most appeal: