Workshop: A New Approach for New Business – Chicago

Ad Agency New Business Workshop Chicago

The Primary Battle for New Business Has Moved Online.  This is a one-day regional workshop, co-sponsored by Fuel Lines Business Development and The List will be held on Friday, July 24, 2015, in Chicago, Illinois. This workshop is designed to help agencies “jump-start” an inbound new business program within 30 days. A step-by-step process that’s been developed having worked […]

The Invisible Sale for Ad Agency New Business

The Invisible Sale for Ad Agency New Business

A step-by-step guide to create a painless prospecting system. Many agencies have historically struggled with prospecting for clients. Their struggles have been intensified due to the rise of social media, content and inbound marketing. Today’s prospects are more in control of the agency selection process than ever before. Instead of chasing new business, it’s now more important […]

Starting a new agency? Thoughts you should consider before turning the key in the door.

Lisa A. Colantuono agency new business

By: Lisa A. Colantuono, Co-Partner, AAR Partners, Co-Founder, Access Confidential. Lots of new business advice from AAR Partners has been given over coffee throughout the years regarding a myriad of topics. But one topic manages to pop up over and over when industry executives decide to create a “break-away” agency. The question is often asked, “What […]

Free or Paid Content? The 50 Most Successful Digital Companies in the World

50 top digital companies

A list of media companies that are making the most money in the digital economy by  both free and paid content. The paidContent 50 ranks digital-media companies based on a simple and objective metric: the revenue they earn from digital content, or from the advertising around that content.  The “digital content” businesses include news, information and entertainment […]

Nobody Reads Ad Agency Blogs?

nobody read ad agency blogs

Why most agencies may be ready to ditch their blog and why they shouldn’t.  Jack Marshall, a staff writer for Digiday wrote an article that is creating lots of buzz entitled, “Agencies Ditch Blogs.” He points to a study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, that reveals that only 37% of Fortune 500 companies now […]

Fast Company: 20 Top Insights For Creating Appealing Content

Creating content for new business can offer 24/7 awareness for your agency. Creating good content requires agencies to think first and foremost from the point of view of their prospective client audience. They need to create and curate content that their audience finds helpful and appealing to their point of need. This is a major […]

7 Key Digital Trends for 2011 for Ad Agency New Business

What are you doing to prepare your agency for the digital revolution? Rising to meet the escalating demands for digital, a lot of agencies are now requiring that almost all of their employees develop digital skills. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article,  the bigger agencies are spending roughly $750,000 to $1.5 million on […]

28 Stimulating Digital and Social Media Marketing Quotes

inspirational digital and social media quotes

Write something memorable that stands out and provides inspiration to others. I’m reading constantly and often find and keep the most memorable quotes from my daily reading. Here’s a collection that I thought would be of interest as they relate specifically to digital and social media marketing. I hope you find inspiration to spark for […]

Big Ad Agencies Now Requiring the Development of Digital Skills

Big agencies know that digital training is now critical. Rising to meet the escalating demands for digital, most of them are now requiring that almost all of their employees develop digital skills.

Large Ad Agencies Coming Out of the Recession in Good Shape for New Business

recession and ad agency new business

Small to midsize ad agencies should take note of how the big agencies have reconfigured themselves to take advantage of the changing advertising landscape and make some changes of their own. If you thought the big advertising agencies like Omnicom, the WPP Group, Interpublic (IPG), and Publicis are going the way of the dinosaur, you would be sadly mistaken.