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Michael Gass Fueling Ad Agency New Business

   This is My Personal Story In Leading Ad Agency New Business I wanted to publically thank my good friend, Ken Henley, who is a Nashville artist that created my new caricature. Ken and I have known each other for years. We’ve seen a lot of changes within the advertising industry, but none as great as what […]

243 Ad Agencies Share How They are Different from the Rest for New Business

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The agencies that win the most new business will have a differentiating position from their competitors.
In a recent blind ad agency new business survey I asked the question, Does your agency have a unique point of differentiation from competitors? Here’s their response.

Ad Agencies: 10 Tips That Separates the Best From the Rest

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The agencies that win the most new business have a differentiating position from their competitors. “Most managers invest their time and energy in trying to make their firms better, when in fact they should be also be working to make their firms different” – From Positioning for Professionals

Is social media making many ad agencies look and act the same?

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Small-to midsize ad agencies tend to constantly promote how they are alike rather than how they are different from other agencies. They tend to look and sound just the same. It’s time to unlevel the playing field. To have success with social media, agencies need to fly a differentiated social media flag.

Ad Agency Creates YouTube Video to Generate Appeal for their Niche

Ad agency using YouTube as a way of creating appeal around their niche, which is marketing to women. This niche has provided the agency with discipline, focus and a clearer direction than ever before. It is a very strong point of differentiation.

Fuel for Thought

When focus and differentiation are powered by a trend, the result is a charismatic brand that customers wouldn’t trade for love nor money. It’s the difference between paddling a surfboard and riding a wave. Neutron, LLC What trends can your agency ride?     For the latest agency new business updates subscribe to Fueling Ad Agency For the […]