To be an effective writer, spend more time planning and less time writing

content marketing for ad agency new business

Successful writers spend 75% of their time in the preparation and editing process and only 25% of their time writing the content. There are big rewards from content marketing, but it’s also a big challenge. Writing is a process that takes time and effort. Even the best writers have difficulty putting their ideas into words. Most of […]

David Ogilvy: Writing Tips for Ad Agency New Business

David Ogilvy ad agency new business content marketing

David Ogilvy remains one of the most famous names in advertising and continues to provide us with relevant content marketing tips.  In 1948, at the age of 37, Ogilvy founded the agency that would become Ogilvy & Mather. Starting with only a staff of two and no clients, he built his agency into one of the […]

Prophetic Words from David Ogilvy to Ad Agencies, Sell or Else

A lot of agencies are out of tune with the business of advertising and that is disastrous for new business.
David Ogilvy, often called, “The Father of Advertising,” In 1962, Time called him “the most sought-after wizard in today’s advertising industry.” In this video Ogilvy offers some prophetic advise to ad agencies that is very relevant for today. A reminder that we are in the business of selling.