The Strategy and Tools the Top Ad Agencies Use to Win New Business

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Only 26% of agency new business directors are viewed as successful. According to the same agency-marketer report, the tenure of a new business director is 2 years or less  To help better understand why agency new business executives are struggling and what they can do about it, I wanted to share a recent Webinar,“Selling Less to Win More […]

Email Marketing Compliance for Ad Agency New Business

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Can I buy email addresses and email those people that haven’t opted-in? – The List of do’s and don’ts on CAN-SPAM Guest article by: Dave Currie, CMO, The List and CEO, Catapult New Business This is probably the most commonly pondered and asked question by new business teams contemplating the implementation of a proactive new business […]

Why Salesloft can change ad agency new business

Dave Currie CMO The List and CEO Catapult New Business

A fast and effective addition to your list of new business tools. Guest post by Dave Currie, CMO The List and CEO Catapult New Business I’m constantly searching for process improvement, it’s at the very core of the way we do things, and just good business practice overall. Part of my role as a coach […]

Thought Legion and The List Provide New Resource for Advertising Pros

Tim Williams Thought Legion

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — 2013 will see a new online professional development resource for advertising agency and marketing professionals in the form of Thought Legion, delivered exclusively via one of today’s most popular forms of training: live and on-demand webinars. The best minds in the business are already lining up to […]

75 Ad Agency New Business articles, posts, reports, surveys and white papers

There is a growing roster of ad agency new business blogs that provide a platform for thought-leaders to exchange ideas, learn from each other and their audience. From these I have I’ve created a repository of 75 ad agency new business articles, posts, white papers, reports and surveys discovered as part of my daily reading.

3 Ad Agency New Business Blogs That Provide Fresh Perspectives

There are several new blogs that will be of help to your agencies new business efforts that I want to introduce. Each of these blog authors have a great amount of experience working with advertising agencies of all sizes for new business and each of them also has a unique perspective. I highly recommend that you include them in your online reading as resources for your agencies new business.