Attentionomics Needed for Ad Agency New Business

Presentations for Ad Agency New Business

 Every ad agency presentation needs to focus on capturing and keeping your audience’s ATTENTION. Keeping your audience’s attention is the rule that matters the most. If you want to reach your audience, you must have something significant to say and be passionate. Genuine passion will attract attention and attention will lead to action. A lot of […]

Tips For Improving Your Presentation Skills for Ad Agency New Business

speaking for ad agency new business

You should be prepared to capitalize on speaking engagements to build a wider network of prospects and to win new clients. Having an opportunity to speak in front of a highly targeted, interested group of prospects is a very effective form of lead generation. Even if you are speaking for free, the opportunity often times outweighs a […]

The Only Rule That Really Matters When Presenting for Ad Agency New Business

boring ad agency presentations

Every agency presentation must be focused on capturing your audience’s attention and keeping it. It is the presentation rule that matters most. I wonder how much new business opportunities were squandered because of boring ad agency presentations. Nothing but recycled insights, predictable services and the same agency speak with an audience bored out of their minds.