The Most Provocative Man in Advertising

Bob Hoffman ad agency new business conference

Bob Hoffman is one of the most sought-after speakers on advertising and marketing. He has spoken all over the U.S. and has been invited to speak at conferences throughout Europe. Bob’s “Spotlight Lecture” at Advertising Week Europe has drawn almost 50,000 views on YouTube. Bob was one of the keynote speakers at our inaugural Fuel […]

What’s the Most Dangerous Job in Advertising?

The Most Dangerous Job in Advertising

ADWEEK said the most dangerous job in advertising is new business chiefs. According to a recent Agency-Marketer Business Report from RSW/US, the tenure of a new business director is now 2 years or less. Only 26% of new business directors were viewed as successful. They are under a lot of stress and their position tends to […]

Fuel Lines New Business Conference 2015 to Highlight the New Drivers of Agency New Business

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Jun. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ – Michael Gass, founder and president of Fuel Lines Business Development, announced the finalization of details for the Fuel Lines New Business Conference 2015, to be held October 8-9 in Nashville, Tennessee. A Super Earl Registration has already begun. “New business has been a problem historically for agencies. It’s made […]

Bob Hoffman’s 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising

An ad agency principal who is an example on how to use content marketing and social media to build awareness and new business opportunities for your agency. I am a Bob Hoffman fan. I have read everything he has written, from his book The Ad Contrarian, to every ADWEEK and blog post article and now […]

Ad Agency CEO’s Blog – The Ad Contrarian

Social Media = transparency and you can’t be more transparent than ad agency CEO Bob Hoffman. If you are an agency CEO and don’t have a blog, you are missing a prime opportunity to develop a following of loyal fans, ready to do business with you and your agency.

It’s Usually the Best Sign When Ad Agencies are Hiring!

The best “tell-tale” sign that an agency is doing well or that we may be moving out of the current recession is when agencies are hiring.

Bob Hoffman, CEO of Hoffman/Lewis Advertising in San Francisco sent me a heads-up on a new post he had written for his blog, The Ad Contrarian. Instead of using a “head-hunter” Bob’s agency is using his social media network to fill the following 12 positions:

Expand Your Agency By Narrowing Your Focus

social media makes new business easier

“In turbulent times … The natural response is to “try a little bit of everything”; to expand your services, broaden your capabilities, and try to appeal to more clients. It seems like common sense, but it’s exactly the wrong response. The best growth strategy — in good economies or bad — is to decide what not to do.”

Bob Hoffman’s Blog, An Example for Ad Agency CEOs?

Bob Hoffman, CEO Hoffman/Lewis advertising in San Francisco and St. Louis and author of The Ad Contrarian blog provides a excellent example of an agency’s blog that has potential as a great tool for new business.

8 Benefits to Writing A Book and Six Ways to Publish It Online

Writing a book a book can put your agency on the map. It benefits new business. When I started my blog I tried to be strategic and think further down the road. Surely there were ways to reuse the content. One of the ways that I identified was a book.

How Social Media Impacts Advertising and Marketing

I’ve already written about social media’s impact upon ad agency new business: Four Ways Social Media is Changing Advertising Agencies New Business. I also believe that social is having great impact upon advertising and marketing. It is affordable, timely and easier to measure than traditional media.