Thought Leadership, Millennial Marketing and Ad Agency New Business

creating a niche for ad agency new business

How to humanize your agency, build a positioning of expertise and make a personal connection with your best prospects. This is a guest article written by Jeff Fromm. Jeff is an Executive Vice President at Barkley, which is among the largest independent advertising agencies in the U.S. and the largest employee-owned agency. He is the  founder […]

Win Without Pitching Webinar: Write 30 Posts in 30 Days

Blair Enns Win Without Pitching

5 December 2013 | 12:00 pm Eastern Time I’m conducting a Win Without Pitching Webinar for Blair Enns on how to develop a system to consistently create the kind of content that gains you a positioning of expertise that will generate new business opportunities. I’ve known of Michael and his work in helping creative firms […]

Report: 2013 New Business Social Media Survey

new business social media agency survey

Almost 70% of agencies surveyed believe that social media is great for new business and 81% believe it to be an efficient tool for networking.  A survey was sent to advertising, digital, media and public relations executives  to assess their attitudes toward social media, where they are finding success, what tools they use and where […]

A Blog Post Template for Ad Agency New Business

focus ad agency new business

A blog post template provides FOCUS that will save time developing content for new business. I’m often asked if I use a template for creating my blog post articles and the answer is yes. I also use it with my clients to help them develop a system for content creation that makes writing easier and more consistent. […]

Nobody Reads Ad Agency Blogs?

nobody read ad agency blogs

Why most agencies may be ready to ditch their blog and why they shouldn’t.  Jack Marshall, a staff writer for Digiday wrote an article that is creating lots of buzz entitled, “Agencies Ditch Blogs.” He points to a study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, that reveals that only 37% of Fortune 500 companies now […]

How to Consistently Create Great Content for Ad Agency New Business

Creating original content is a powerful tool to differentiate your agency and create new business opportunities but it is also a big challenge. Content marketing will provide a foundation for generating leads and turning those leads into new business opportunities as well as build an awareness and positioning for your agency. The biggest challenge will […]

5 Ways Ad Agency Blogs Can Produce Significant Traffic for New Business

Your ad agency’s blog can become one of the most important tools for new business. A blog is certainly the most critical component to fuel agency new business through social media. How? As a powerful traffic generator. Traffic = leads and leads = new business opportunities. In a survey of business technology marketing executives by […]

Something for the 34% of Ad Agencies That Have No Blog

In a recent Ad Agency New Business Survey that I recently conducted, 64% of the 430 responding ad agencies said they have a blog. For the remaining 36% of the agencies that don’t but should, I’ve compiled the following check-list to help get your agency’s blog up and running for new business:

5 Steps to Improve Your Ad Agency’s Blog for New Business

An agency blog that is a repository of helpful content can effectively attract a large number of prospective clients. Here are 5 simple steps and suggestions to improve your agency’s blog as a major tool for fueling new business leads:

10 Tips for Creating an Ad Agency Blog for New Business

The following 10 tips are my suggestions for creating an ad agency new blog with the objective of generating inbound new business leads while simultaneously building social media capabilities and credibility: