25 Ways to Be Found for Ad Agency New Business

Tips for creating a larger online presence to be found by your agency’s best prospects. Almost five years ago I had an epiphany for new business. It came from a CMO Study, released in early 2008, where 85% of decision makers said they found their vendors not the other way around. I realized there was […]

Nobody Reads Ad Agency Blogs?

nobody read ad agency blogs

Why most agencies may be ready to ditch their blog and why they shouldn’t.  Jack Marshall, a staff writer for Digiday wrote an article that is creating lots of buzz entitled, “Agencies Ditch Blogs.” He points to a study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, that reveals that only 37% of Fortune 500 companies now […]

Ad Agency Websites: An Important Tool for New Business

Research shows websites influence 97% of clients’ purchasing decisions. Your agency’s website is your online brochure, the place to present credentials, capabilities and most importantly your agency’s creative work. Not only is it the place prospects and clients go to learn more about your agency and its services, but it has a huge impact on their ultimate purchase decision.

Copeland Communications: Best Ad Agency Blog of the Month

Congratulations to Doug Brown, Steve Dagg and their team at Copeland Communications, Victoria, BC. Their blog, “We Make It All Better”, was selected by Fuel Lines’ readers as the Ad Agency Blog of the Month for September with 66% of the votes cast.

10 Ways to Create An Ad Agency Blog That is Reader-Centric

A key to your agency’s blog success for new business is to put the user’s experience ahead of your own. People don’t have time to work hard for their information. You must be prepared to do some work on their behalf if you want to grow your blog’s traffic and generate inbound leads. Success on the Internet depends on multiplying the number of people who will visit a home page times the proportion who actually buy anything–the percentage who become customers.

Enviromedia Social Marketing: Voted Best Agency Blog of the Month

Another Texas advertising agency’s blog, Enviromedia Social Marketing in Austin, has been voted Fuel Lines’ Blog of the Month for August, by 29% of the votes cast. EnviroMedia formed in 1997 as the nation’s first full-service marketing firm focused solely on environmental and public health issues.

AdMan Remembers 9/11

advertising remembers 9-11

I was in my office at The Maryland Group, a full-service ad agency located in Brentwood, TN when I learned of the first plane striking the North Tower of the World Trade Center. All of our staff were glued to sets watching live televised reports of the tragedy as it continued to unfold. We scanned the web for additional information. There was a lot of misinformation, such as the the possible bombing of our own State Capital Building in Nashville, being reported. Little work was done that day. Our minds and hearts were with the people of the city of New York.

Results of My 2009 Readership Survey

Recently I conducted my Fuel Lines: 2009 Reader Survey. A special thanks to all who took time to participate and provide their feedback and insight. This information has already been a big help. A new design for Fuel Lines is already underway as well as a review of current features and needed updates for better communications, resources and tools for ad agency new business.

A Great New Tool for Ad Agency Branding

Believe it or not, a blog is the best tool I have ever used to help ad agencies create an appealing brand for new business.

Most agencies that I talk with are either redesigning their website or are in a perpetual state of rebranding themselves. Both are a struggle for the majority of agencies.

30 Ad Agency Blogs, Vote for Your Favorite for March

It’s time for you to vote for your favorite agency blog for the month of March. 29 ad agency blogs have been submitted to FUEL LINES. The winner will be featured on FUEL LINES throughout the month of April. These are the 29 agency blogs submitted for the month of March.