Why ad agencies should learn about Springpad

Springpad re-imagines how sharing and discovery should work. If you are a regular reader of Fuel Lines, you know that I am a big fan of Edward Boches, Chief Innovation Officer (formerly Chief Creative Officer and Chief Social Media Officer) at Mullen. Edward was among the few creatives to understand the importance of social media as […]

Advertising Week: Resources for Daily Reports, Live Updates and Videos

If you can’t attend Advertising Week here are some good resources to follow the events, capture insights and even participate in the dialogue through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +. Oct. 3 kicks off Advertising Week, New York’s premier annual gathering of marketing and communications leaders from around the world. Begun in 2004, Advertising Week now […]

How McKinney achieved one of the best new-business records among advertising agencies

Innovation and collaboration, two keys to ad agency new business. McKinney is an independent advertising agency based in Durham, North Carolina. It was founded in 1969 by Charles “Chick” McKinney, the agency is now independently owned by a management team led by Brad Brinegar, CEO.  It has been recognized as one of the nine best agencies in […]

Mine Social Networks for Ad Agency New Business

Data mining is an increasingly important tool by ad agency new business to transform data into business intelligence giving your agency an informational advantage. The real money in social media might not reside in the ads that sit on Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, but in the data produced by users’ frantic friending and sharing.

10 Twitter Networking Tips for Ad Agency New Business

10 twitter tips for ad agency new business

What I’ve discovered with Twitter is that it is great tool for creating awareness and traffic for my blog but is equally effective and efficient as a networking tool. Just remember to retain your offline personal networking skills while online. Here are my ten tips on creating personal networks with Twitter:

If 2009 was the year to forget for the advertising industry, what’s next?

2009 has become the year to forget for the advertising industry. A round-up of some predictions for the advertising industry for 2010 may be brighter but still a difficult year ahead.

Social Media and the Changing Role of Ad Agency Rainmakers

changing roles of agency rainmakers

I read an interesting ADWEEK article yesterday regarding the “Changing Role of Rainmakers”. Suffice to say that if there has been a major shift in the paradigm for how new business is acquired it would also impact the role for those with the responsibility for business development.

Survey: Key Insights into Agency New Business Trends

The Mirren New Business Conference back in April of this year, 158 advertising agencies participated in a survey about the current economic downturn along with their new business development practices. Here are some of the key insights into agency new business trends that came from this survey.

FUEL LINES’ Super Bowl “Advertising” Coverage

ADVERTISING’S BIG GAME – The Super Bowl is not only the Super Bowl for football but also for the advertising industry. What’s the newest trend for this year? The incorporation of social media

ADBOWL: Ad Agencies Should be “Creative” Promoting Themselves

You’ve probably heard of ADBOWL, but you may not know that the idea originated at a midsize ad agency’s Super Bowl party in Albuquerque, NM. Ten years later, growing in size every year, the idea has paid great dividends to the agency generating national television, press coverage and positioning it as an industry leader

Steve McKee, President of McKee Wallwork Cleveland, recently shared with me how the idea for ADBOWL came about and what it has done for his agency.