Study: 82 Million Moms Are Reinventing Marketing in the Digital Age

The Big Fuel agency is fueling new business opportunities through social media. A new 50 page report “Mom-entum”,by social media and branded content agency Big Fuel, is generating a lot of “momentum” and new business for this Manhattan based agency. This research positions this agency’s principals as being “thought leaders” to prospective client companies who should be marketing to moms.

Ad Agency Challenge: Describe your agency in 6 words

Here’s a challenge for you. Can you describe your agency in six words or less? Let’s take it one step further … Can you describe your agency in six words “without” using these 10 Things Ad Agencies “Usually” Say About Themselves ?

“StopTheAdness” Campaign Builds Buzz for Small Ad Agency

Carton Donofrio Partners, a small Baltimore advertising agency has created a ambitious campaign that bring advertisers, agencies and the media together to stop advertising madness. The campaign is also providing a unique way to build some national buzz and awareness for the agency.

How I typically start my day using social media tools for new business

Without some established habits the internet can become a black hole where you waste a ton of time and accomplish little. I have client responsibilities plus things that must be done for my own company so I try to have a strategic, disciplined approach for the start of my day that works well for me.

I’m often asked to describe my typical morning using social media tools for new business.

Top 10 Ad Agency New Business Articles for 2008

Out of 219 of the FUEL LINES agency new business articles thus far this year, below are our readers Top 10:

Advertising Agency Adopts New Business Model for a Bad Economy

In the midst of so much financial news that is doom and gloom, I thought you might enjoy a bit of lightheartedness created by the Hollywood, Florida agency, AdExcellence.