10 Tips for Creating an Ad Agency Blog for New Business

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The following 10 tips are my suggestions for creating an ad agency new blog with the objective of generating inbound new business leads while simultaneously building social media capabilities and credibility: 1.  I recommend that you do not incorporate your blog into your agency’s website Online … [Read more...]

46 Advertising Agency Blogs. Vote for your favorite for the month of May


Examples of ad agency blogs. Review and decide which of them really “gets it” when it comes to social media. Pick-up ideas for your own blog. The following 46 advertising agency blogs have been submitted to Fuel Lines. Vote for the best agency blog for the month of May. The winner will be featured … [Read more...]

Fuel Lines Agency Blog of the Month for March; CS2 Advertising

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Out of a a group of 18 ad agencies blogs, CS2 Live was selected as Fuel Lines's Blog of the Month for March capturing 42% of the votes casts. Engaging Trends, Pixel Farm Interactive, Minneapolis, MN came in second with 30% of the votes. CS2 Live is the blog of CS2 Advertising, a full service ad … [Read more...]

Fuel Lines Agency Blog of the Month for February: Pixel Farm Interactive

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After a neck-n-neck battle for most of the voting period, Pixel Farm Interactive's blog,  beginner cco, was selected as Fuel Lines' Blog of the Month for February capturing 51% of the vote, followed by Thompson & Company's blog, brainwoo with 41%. Pixel Farm Interactive is a subsidiary of … [Read more...]

12 Blog Writing Tips to Generate Ad Agency New Business


Your agency's blog can become the "gateway" to introduce your agency to your best prospective clients. But you'll need to implement some "best practices" to generate serious blog traffic. Over three years of writing blog posts and assisting agencies in creating and writing for their blogs, here are … [Read more...]

Walker Sands: Voted Top Ad Agency Blog of the Year

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FootPrints, the blog of Walker Sands Communications, a PR/Marketing agency located in Chicago, Illinois, was selected as Fuel Lines’s Ad Agency Blog of the Year for 2009. Walker Sands received 33% of the 1,544 votes cast. The agency has particularly extensive experience working with high-tech and … [Read more...]

Fuel Lines: Advertising Agency Blog of the Year


Which of these agencies best understands social media? These 12 ad agency blogs are all Fuel Lines Ad Agency Blog of the Month selections for 2009.  Please review and vote for your favorite as the Ad Agency Blog of the Year. Cast your VOTE by Clicking Here December: Walker Sands … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Monetize Social Media for Ad Agency New Business


It's time for agencies to get serious about social media. We're beyond debating the validity of social and beyond just sticking our toe in the water. It's time to monetize social media for ad agency new business. Ad agencies will need an integrated social media strategy if they are ever going to … [Read more...]

10 Most Popular Blog Posts About Blogging for New Business

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A blog is now as important to your agency as was your agency's Website. The blog is becoming the "gate-way" and the face of the agency as its Website becomes more the agency's brochure. Here's some excellent resources to help your agency blog for new business. Zemalf.com is the personal blog … [Read more...]

One of the Few Advertising Agency Presidents Walking the Walk in Social Media

Social media can fuel inbound lead generation. An agency blog should be the central component to your agency's social media strategy for new business. I thought you might like to hear directly from another agency principal, his journey in writing his agency's blog and what he has learned along the … [Read more...]