4A’s New Business Webinar

4A's ad agency new business webinar

How to Use Social Media to Attract New Business Gaining new business has always been a challenge for agencies – and now, with the paradigm shift in business development, it’s become tougher than ever. In a previous new-business CMO study, 80% of decision makers said that they had found their vendors, not the other way around. […]

New 4A’s Webinar for Advertising Agencies

4A's New Business Webinar

A Formula for Fueling New Business through Social Media The new model for new business that will make the existing model obsolete might surprise you—instead of chasing new business, it’s more important for you to learn how to be found. Why? In a CMO Counsel study, 80% of decision makers said they found their vendors, […]

Ad Agencies: Guides for Creative and Marketing Salaries

advertising agency salary guide

Online information makes researching salary ranges easier than it has ever been in the past. For agencies to grow new business, they have to attract and retain talent. The turnover rate within the industry is over thirty-percent. It’s time for agency owners to get serious about inspiring their employees and keeping them happy. And, according […]

Stop the Bullying for Ad Agency New Business

ad agencies need to stop the bullying for new business

Agencies have only themselves to blame, making it easy for clients to bully them around.  Agencies claim to be different but most are pretty much the same and sameness always breeds differentiation based on price.  There has been little innovation from agencies to migrate away from the old model of advertising. It still astounds me […]

What is your agency doing to meet the escalating demands for digital?

digital marketing ad agencies

  Digital is not an idea that you merely ‘check off’ your list. Traditional agencies should know by now that digital training is critical to their new business success.  “The market is now ready to take a big step to join, and in some cases even replace, traditional agencies in leading marketing strategy for top […]

4A’s New Business | Social Media Workshop

A Formula for Fueling Ad Agency New Business Through Social Media Nov. 3 , New York, NY This is a rare, one-day workshop sponsored by the 4A’s. I usually conduct these workshops on-site, at individual agencies, and only do one or two of these open full-day workshop all year. Registration is open to both 4A’s members […]

Ad Agencies: 5 Solutions for Hiring, Training and Retention

ad agency training

“The average Starbucks barista gets more training than the average communications employee.” Andrew Bennett According to a recent 4A’s and Arnold Worldwide Survey: 90% of agency staff say they have to figure things out on their own due to the lack of training and 50% of talent in the marketing and communications industry feel undertrained […]

The Top Advertising Agency Associations and Networks for New Business

advertising agencies global network new business

A network of advertising agencies can improve your agency’s new business through colaboration, strategic alliances and training. A strong agency network can also :

Clear and Present Danger of Social Media for Ad Agencies

Mark Sneider, owner and president of RSW/US, an agency new business lead generative firm, recently wrote a 4 part series of articles on the Dangers of Agency New Business Social Media. Mark forewarns agencies not to overemphasize or become to reliant upon social media. 4A’s Business Development Blog featured Mark’s article in a recent post, The Dangers of Agency New Business Social Media.

A Guide for Ad Agencies: The Cost and Servicing of New Media

The two big questions that ad agencies are asking: “How do we price new media and what type of services should we offer?”

A great resource to help answer those two questions is found in a recent released publication released by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA): “Understanding the Economics of Digital Compared to Traditional Advertising and Media Services,” written by Joe Burton, COO of McCann Worldwide agency.