My 2017 Speaking Schedule

If you are interested in having me conduct an agency New Business Workshop or speak at an industry event, please contact me directly by email or by phone at (205) 370-7750.

Speaking Schedule for 2018

New Business Workshop: Perich Advertising +
, Ann Arbor, MI, February 8

Agency Workshop: “A New Approach to New Business,” Content Marketing World Conference & Expo, Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, September 4

WORKOLOGY 6.0 Conference, San Diego, CA, October 15

Speaking Schedule for 2017

Webinar: “A New Approach to New Business” for the Omnicom Group, January 11

American Advertising Federation Mississippi Gulf Coast: Gulfport, MS, January, 17

Webinar: “A New Approach to New Business” for the Omnicom Group (South East Agencies), February 8, 2017

New Business Workshop: Smart Media Group, Alexandria, VA, February 23

Hubspot Webinar: Wednesday, 11am ET, April 5

New Business Workshop: Tribe Global, International Ad Agency Network, Miami, FL, May 4

New Business Workshop: Pure Moxie, San Francisco, CA, May 17

New Business Workshop: Convergence Point Media, New York, NY, June 15

Catapult New Business Webinar, July 25

AAF North Alabama: Huntsville, AL, November 16

AAF Mobile Bay:Mobile, AL, September 21

Seminar: Trans Canada Advertising Agency Network (T-CAAN), Ontario, ON, September 28

New Business Workshop: AAF – North Central Indiana, Lafayette, IN, October 26

AAF North Alabama: Huntsville, AL, November 16

Speaking Schedule for 2016

New Business Workshop: PHP Communications, Feb 11, Birmingham, AL

American Advertising Federation Chapter: March 10, Corpus Christi, TX,

New Business Workshop: Lehigh Mining & Navigation, March 24, Bethlehem, PA,

New Business Workshop: RHEA + KAISER, April 7, Naperville, IL

New Business Workshop: IMM, August 17, Boulder, CO

New Business Workshop: Fact &  Fiction, August 18, Boulder, CO

New Business Workshop: Frederick Swanston, October 27, Alpharetta, GA

Webinar: How to Use Social Media to Attract New Business, November 3

Speaking Schedule for 2015

Regional New Business Workshop: A New Approach to New Business, Feb 6, Orlando, FL

New Business Workshop, WFofR Media, April 8, Richmond, VA

Seminar: Agency Management Institute (AMI), April 16-17, San Diego, CA

4A’s Webinar: How to Use Social Media to Attract New Business, April 23, 1-2 pm EDT

Regional New Business Workshop: A New Approach to New Business, May 1, San Diego, CA

The 2015 Mirren New Business Conference, May 5-6, New York, NY

New Business Workshop: The Sawtooth Group, May 27, Red Bank, NJ

Regional New Business Workshop: A New Approach to New Business, July 24, Chicago, IL

New Business Workshop: Shore Creative Group, August 5, Long Branch, NJ

Fuel Lines New Business Conference: Music City Center, October 8-9, Nashville, TN

Auburn University: Social Networking Conference, November 3, 2015, Montgomery, AL

Regional New Business Workshop: A New Approach to New Business, November 20, London, UK

Speaking Schedule for 2014

New Business Workshop: Burns Entertainment & Sports Marketing, January 21, Evanston,  IL

4A’s Webinar: How to Create New Business from Social Media, Feb 14, 1-2 pm ET

Lookout PRSA: “A Blueprint for Building A Social Media Platform for New Business”, Feb 21, 11:30 am ET

New Business Workshop: Creative Soldier, March 26-27, New York, NY

Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee, April 3, 9 -10 am CT, Nashville, TN

Nashville American Marketing Association,  April 3, 11:30 am, CT, Nashville, TN

The Association of Strategic Marketing Webinar“Inbound Marketing: Attract and Retain the Right Customers,” April 8, 1-2 pm ET

New Business Workshop: The Johnson Group, April 10, Chattanooga, TN

Worldwide Partners Conference, May 5-6, Las Vegas, NV

ALA Association of Legal Administrators, Birmingham, AL Chapter, May 8

Webinar: The New Business Metrics Behind a Successful, Growing Agency, June 9, 1 pm ET

New Business Workshop: Quantasy, July 17, Los Angeles, CA

New Business Retreat: The Russo Group, August 5, New Orleans, LA

Agency Owner Workshop: Agency Management Institute (AMI), Sept 13, Anapolis, MD

New Business Workshop: Media Dynamics, Inc, Sept 24, Milwaukee, WI

New Business Workshop: CF Napa brand design, Oct 22, Napa, CA

New Business Workshop: TotalCom Marketing, Dec 16, Birmingham, A:

Speaking Schedule for 2013

Recourses’ 10th Annual New Business Conference, Nashville, TN, January 23-25, 2013

Sale Creek Agency Roundtable, St. Julien Hotel, Boulder, CO, Feb 8, 2013

Training: Moroch Agency, Dallas, TX, March 7, 2013

Workshop: Woodbine Agency, Winston-Salem, NC, March 20, 2013

Thought Legion Webinar: Creating a Niche Blog for Ad Agency New Business, March 20, 2013

Podcast BrightIdeas,, Interview with Trent Dyrsmid, April 1, 2013

Workshop:  Malone Group Design, Tulsa, OK, April 18, 2013

Workshop: Quez Media Marketing, Cleveland, OH, May 9, 2013

Seminar: Mirren 2013 New Business Conference, May 14-15, New York, NY, 2013

Workshop: Media Synthesis , Cleveland, OH, May 31, 2013

Webinar: Integrated Social Media Strategy For Agency New Business,Sept 5, 2013

Seminar: AAF-Orlando,  Sept 10, Orlando, FL

Luncheon: AAF-Chattanooga, Sept 18, Chattanooga, TN

3% Conference: San Francisco, CA, Oct 16-17

Workshop: The Ramey Agency, Jackson, MS, Nov 6, 2013

(ASM) The Association of Strategic Marketing Webinar: Best Practices for Re-Sharing Content, Nov 12, 1-2 pm ET

Win Without Pitching Webinar: How to Create 30 Posts in 30 Days, Dec 5, 1-2 pm ET

Workshop: RICG, New York, NY, Dec 17