Park Howell

Park Howell of Park & Company ad agency.

Park will be speaking on Friday, October 9 at 1:30 PM.

Session Title and Description:

How Full Monty Storytelling Can Drive Your Agency New Business

“We need to stop SELLING and start TELLING.”

Your agency is probably already pretty good at storytelling. But how about story-teaching?

In this captivating workshop, you will learn how to use the principles of the 10-step Story Cycle process to hone your story skills and help your clients grow not only revenue, but as advertising and marketing professionals.

You will learn how truly understanding story structure and applying it to your client/agency relationships will help you:

  • Differentiate you and your agency from the competition
  • Better understand, appreciate and empathize with your clients and their customers
  • Provide a proven framework for branding and campaign activation
  • Create amazing customer engagement
  • Build lasting client and customer loyalty

In an age when technology provides us all global reach with our messages, the primal bewitchery of storytelling is still how we truly connect with our audiences. Learn how in this spellbinding session. 

 About Park

Park Howell founded Park&Co, an award-winning brand and creative consultancy, in 1995 in Phoenix, Az. The agency ignites the growth of purpose-driven people, products, companies and causes through the power of storytelling. Park was named Advertising Person of the Year in 2010 by the American Advertising Federation of Metro Phoenix. The following year, his agency was recognized among the Top 10 Impact Companies in Arizona by the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to running Park&Co, Park created and is teaching the communications curriculum for the new Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program at Arizona State University. He turns sustainability executives into Chief Storytelling Officers to advance their social initiatives further, faster. The curriculum is based on the agency’s proven 10-step brand strategy and storytelling method called the Story Cycle. Park takes readers through the proprietary process in a book called, Story Built : How To Craft Spellbinding Brand Stories in 10 Easy Steps , which will be published this Fall. You can explore his insights about sustainable storytelling, and download a preview of his book, at

He is a graduate of Washington State University, and for 30 years has combined his degrees in communications and music composition and theory to craft and tell compelling stories that sell.

What drives Park is his insatiable curiosity about how persuasive stories help us nudge the world in any direction we choose.

A presentation to 3,500 international entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C.:

What others are saying about Park

“Thanks again for the outstanding plenary presentation.  As I left, numerous people were talking about how great it was.  My business partner, who has attended many forums and heard many plenary speakers, commented that it was clear that you understood collaborative practice with much greater depth than almost every past plenary speaker.  It really made it come alive for us and left people with tools that they can immediately use.”
Catherine Conner, Founding Partner of Lawrence & Rodney LLP

“I really enjoyed “The Power of Storytelling” event and found it quite informative. As I mentioned, I have two projects that would lend themselves to great stories. Your booklet process will certainly simplify my work. Please let me know about future events.”
Jean Lasee, Organizational and Community Change Consultant

“Park’s presentation on Sunday was also hugely successful! Everyone was fully engaged – clearly both very much enjoying themselves and learning a great deal. One of the most gratifying comments I’ve heard (from multiple sources) was that no previous conference speaker has ever before known so much about IACP or so clearly understood who we are and what we do.”
Talia Katz, JD Executive Director of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

“Park Howell is a master storyteller, capturing his audience and inspiring listeners to learn how to best tell their own story. It’s an art form that has value for everyone in all industry sectors because it’s not enough to have a compelling story – you have to know how to communicate it effectively. Park is an excellent communicator and shares his expertise around the world. Arizona Forward members raved about his presentation – you will too!”
Diane Brossart, President & CEO of Arizona Forward

Connect with Park via Twitter: @ParkHowell #FuelLines

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