5 Ways to Get Ready for AMC’s The Pitch

AMC's The Pitch advertising agencies pitching for new business

AMC’s THE PITCH returns tonight with eight brand new episodes

Cory Abbey, editor of AMC Blogs, suggests ways for getting up-to-speed with The Pitch:

1. Watch two videos that give you a sneak peek of The Pitch Season 2.

2. View photos from this Thursday’s premiere episode.

3. Read about the agencies who will be competing on The Pitch (as well as the clients they try to win over).

This year’s participating agencies:

4. Follow The Pitch on Twitter then like The Pitch on Facebook.

5. Sign up for the AMC Weekly for updates on The Pitch and other AMC programming.

Follow The Pitch on Twitter. Talk about The Pitch with fellow fans in the forum: The Pitch Season 2

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Additional presentation and pitch resources:

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