Michael Gass

Michael Gass Speaker at Ad Agency New Business Conference

Michael will be speaking on Friday, October 9 at 4:15 PM.

Keynote Session Title and Description:

How to Create An Inbound Marketing Program For New Business

Led by one of the earliest adopters of using social media for agency new business, you will be provided with a BLUEPRINT for building a social media PLATFORM for business development.

Agencies haven’t done a good job using social media for themselves. Most agencies didn’t even participate in this arena until 2010.  When they did choose to do so, they had no plan or clear objective for their social media activities.

Your “takeaway” from this webinar includes:

  •  The multiple benefits of social media and how it makes new business easier
  • How to become a thought leader and develop a positioning of expertise
  • How to develop a community of online prospects quickly
  • A simple system for appealing content creation
  • Tactics for jump starting online traffic and your ranking in Google Search
  • Channel specific tactics for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest
  • Metrics for success
  • Listening and learning your audience
  • Time-management tools and tips
  • Examples of an integrated social media plan for new business

About Michael

Michael Gass is the founder of Fuel Lines Business Development, LLC, a firm which provides business development resources, training and consulting services to advertising, digital, media and PR agencies. He is also the author of the Fuel Lines blog which has been rated among the top 100 marketing blogs in the world, according to Ad Age’s Power 150.

Since 2007, Michael has pioneered the use of social media, content and inbound marketing strategies specifically for agency new business.

“Instead of chasing new business, it’s now more important to be found.”

Michael has originated a system that makes targeting, positioning and differentiation easier and helps agencies to find, attract and engage their best prospects online. He has trained over 200 agency CEOs and their senior management teams in all 50 states here in the U.S. and agencies in over 21 foreign countries.

“My entire career in the advertising industry has been spent in business development. After speaking and writing about best new business practices from my own experience and requests from numerous agencies for new business advice, I decided to launch my own consultancy. That was back in 2007.

I didn’t realize that I was launching my business at the beginning of The Great Recession. Social media was still in its infancy but I saw its potential early on for new business. I created my blog Fuel Lines and began to write helpful business development articles. The blog quickly grew in popularity and was key to building my consultancy into an international practice from my home-base in Birmingham, Alabama.”

Along with providing consulting services and training for individual agencies, Michael also speaks at events and conducts training for agency groups such as the 4A’s, Mirren New Business, TAAN, The Magnet Global Network, MCAN, DMA and the American Advertising Federation. He delivers more than 40 presentations each year.

Some of Michael’s quotes:

  • “The lack of positioning makes new business harder.”
  • “Positioning is the foundation for new business.”
  • “Social media makes new business EASIER.”
  • “An inbound marketing strategy allows YOU to control the agency/client relationship.”
  • “90% of most agencies time and resources is spent using interruption tactics. That needs to be reversed.”
  • “Lead with BENEFITS rather than credentials, capabilities and case studies.”
  • “An inbound marketing program allows you to skip the dating process.”
  • “A niche blog provides small to midsize agencies a focus for new business.”
  • “Prospective clients want expertise. Experts write.”
  • “A positioning of expertise allows you to charge a higher premium.”
  • “Social media allows you to maintain awareness 24/7 without using INTERRUPTION tactics.”

What others are saying about Michael:

“Michael Gass is one of the country’s foremost authorities on using social media. He is a dynamic presenter.” – Bob Linden, 4A’s Vice President of Training, Education and Development

“I’ve known of Michael and his work in helping creative firms improve lead generation through social media for a few years now (I finally met him earlier this year) but recently I started to get reports from agency principals who had worked with him. I was surprised to learn that the impact Michael was having on their businesses was not in their use of Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn but in transforming the principals into writers who write meaningful content every day.” – Blair Enns, founder of Win Without Pitching, speaker and author of The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

“… of all the great stuff at Mirren, I got the MOST out of your session. Inspirational, frightening, reasoned, brilliant, simple. All in one hour. It’s an odd sensation to feel thoroughly energized yet want to beat yourself silly with a stick at the same time.” Tracy Wong, CEO/Executive Creative Director, WDCW

“Michael is an entrepreneur in the world of agency business development. He saw an opportunity to use social media, something he is passionate about, to help agencies better promote what they believe in and are best at. Putting yourself “out there” can be challenging for an agency owner, but it’s a key piece of the agency growth puzzle. Michael’s simple, consistent approach works. It takes some practice to get it right, but with Michael’s years of experience as your guide, anyone can make social media an effective part of their marketing strategy.” Todd Knutson, CEO, The List, Atlanta, GA

Connect with Michael via Twitter: @MichaelGass #FuelLines

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