Dave Currie

Dave Currie speaker fuel lines new business conference

Dave will be speaking on Friday, October 9 at 2:45 PM.

Session Title and Description:

The Power of Education for Agency New Business Acquisition: How to Overcome New Business Burn-Out by Selling Less and Teaching More

Using real-world examples and data-driven insights, this comprehensive session will explain why education is so critical for agency growth and business development. Dave will walk you through the methodology, providing actionable insights on how to generate new relationships and increase new business revenues using an education-driven sales and marketing strategy.

Build authority with new prospects, differentiate your value proposition and generate more new business opportunities to grow your agency.

During this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Attract new business with helpful, engaging touch points.
  • Build stronger relationships with prospects without using interruptive sales tactics.
  • Adopt a truly human approach to prospecting.

More About Dave

Dave Currie is the President at The List Partners, Inc.

“Aussie bloke, husband, father, and coach to those who want to be. I’m just as comfortable in a boardroom as I am on a board (surf, snow, wake or otherwise), and aim to find the perfect balance between each. New experiences, big challenges and the occasional curveball keeps me engaged and coming back for more.

I’ve helped build List Partners Inc., and our professional services divisions into one of world’s most comprehensive and widely used business development firms for advertising, media, and sponsorship professionals looking to grow through new business.

My team of expert market advisors empower our customers through research, sales intelligence and technology to more relevantly connect, engage and build new business relationships with brand owners, publishers, adtech, sponsors and agencies.

With thousands of clients in company’s respective markets, my unique perspective on the latest moves between brands, publishers, agencies and properties is sought after for consulting, thought leadership and speaking engagements.

I’m an active member of Vistage International and am a strong believer in lifetime learning, collaborating with a diverse range of CEO’s and industry thought leaders across industries on a monthly basis.

New business teams that use our services: Those seeking sales intelligence on and between companies, brands and agencies – and the marketing, media buying and planning contacts who hold or control budget. Key marketing decision makers with budget.”

Areas of focus: Ad Agency New Business, Media Sales, Marketing Automation, Entrepreneurial companies seeking agency and adtech market positioning and sales intelligenece.

Connect with Dave via Twitter: @NewBizDingo  #FuelLines

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