Business Development Consulting Services

I primarily work with advertising, digital, media and PR agencies to help create a successful program for business development. My consulting services include:

  • New Business Assessment and Recommendations
  • Analysis and Research
  • Quick Start Positioning
  • Comprehensive New Business Plan Development
  • Training for Those Charged with Business Development
  • A Jump-Start Program for Inbound Marketing
  • Pitch and Presentation Training
  • A Simplified System for RFI and RFPs
  • Integrated Inbound Marketing Program
  • Social Media Best Practices
  • Agency New Business Retreat

How to Start: Email me at to schedule a time to discuss your new business challenges.

Following our discussion, I will prepare an initial proposal for your review and feedback if you want to move forward. It will include details of the work to be completed, any deliverables, such as written reports or assessments, my consulting fee, plus any expenses such as travel for an onsite visit.

My consulting fee is a flat-rate that will be based upon the predetermined scope-of-work, usually over a 60 to 90 day period.

After any revisions, a final version of the proposal is provided for your approval and a start date is set.


“It was a pleasure working with Michael. I found him to not only be highly personable, but extremely professional and results-focused. His expertise in the advertising/agency new business space is exceptional and his willingness to go above and beyond expectations is the norm and common practice for Michael.” Jeff Adelson-Yan, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Levelwing, New York, NY

“Michael provides a wealth of knowledge as fast as you can digest it. He goes above and beyond to help get your social media program running as fast as possible. He provides value on every phone call, and is always available to answer questions or provide recommendations to speed your implementation and generate positive results.” Todd Knutson, CEO, The List, Atlanta, GA

“Michael is an expert at connecting your business strategy to your online engagement efforts. Michael knows how to listen and create actionable ideas to impact your lead generation efforts as well as position you as an expert.” Jeff Fromm, Ex VP, Barkley, Kansas City, MO

“The material Michael presented was a game changer for our organization. He helped us realize goals we had been working on for some time. Not only did he help move our business forward, but he is also a pleasure to work with.” John Luginbill, CEO, The Heavyweights, Indianapolis, IN

“Michael has been an important asset in getting MAX Advertising up to speed with all our social media initiatives. He has a clear understanding of advertising agencies and understands the nuances in working in this industry. I would recommend Michael to anyone who wants results sooner rather than later. Hiring Michael last year was one of the best decisions we made as an agency.” Tom Matte, President, MAX Advertising, Atlanta, GA

“Michael Gass has been a tremendous help to our agency. He has a deep understanding of the business development process, as well as the critical role social media can and must play in order for an agency to communicate its own uniqueness to potential clients. Michael is an invaluable friend and business ally, deeply committed to the ongoing success of the companies with whom he works.”  John Sharpe, CMO & Partner, BOHAN Advertising, Nashville, TN

“Michael dispels the notion that business consultants are all talk and no action. His approach is very tactically oriented, providing hands-on instruction in addition to high-level strategic insight. He is a deliberate listener, answers questions thoroughly and is just a nice guy to boot. A pleasure to work with.” Drew Mehl, Partner/Creative Director, Binary Pulse, Costa Mesa, CA

“Michael helped us set goals, configure our new business strategy, and coached us through the critical first three months. He was always accessible, always helpful, and a joy to work with. He still contacts me with ideas for our effort. Unlike many consultants, Michael lets you know—through his actions, not words—that he really gives a damn.” Thomas Brzezina, President, Michael Flora & Associates, Troy, MI

“As a general rule ad, agencies try to be all things to all clients for fear of losing potential business. We were no different. But, Michael’s tactics and strategies forced on to focus on what we know best and the result has been more opportunities than we could have imagined.” Stephanie Holland , President, Holland + Holland, Birmingham, AL

“I was extremely pleased with the consulting we received from Michael. It was exactly what I hoped it would be. He gave us a road map that works. We began executing within days. We have 3 programs running to date for our agency and related companies. We have also transferred it to our clients and have grown a new revenue stream. To be quite candid we owe a lot to Michael. Much more than we have paid him.”  Ron Wheeler, President, Wheeler Advertising, Arlington, TX