From the Master of Sound: 5 Ways to Be a Better Listener

Julian Treasure business sound expert

There is so much noise in our current world we have forgotten how to listen.  Office noise is extremely damaging to productivity. You are one-third as productive in open-plan offices as in quiet rooms. The Sound Agency  I have the luxury of working from my home office most of the time. I love … [Read more...]

IBM Study: Social media is about to transform the C-Suite

connected CEO

"The most effective leaders throughout history have been great communicators, yet the vast majority of modern-day CEOs and C-Suite executives are conspicuously absent from social media channels." Ann Charles, CEO BRANDfog We are living in the information age. More people share information from more … [Read more...]

Ad Agencies Should Stop Faking It – Create Digital Content

David Schwartz ad agency new business

Guest post by David Schwartz David is a personal friend and an excellent Digital Brand Strategist focused on content development. He is the author of Brand Ed: Brand Education Services, a conversation about restaurant branding. David started his career working for MTV in New York, He then proceeded … [Read more...]

7 Habits of Highly Social Chief Executives

CEO social media benefits

Be part of a “New Group of Executives” that are using social media to attract customers, generate exposure for their companies and acquire new business. According to research by Weber Shandwick, CEO social media engagement has doubled in one year. Conducted in partnership with KRC Research, over … [Read more...]

The Barkley Agency Finds A Niche in Marketing to Millennials

Millennial Marketing Jeff Fromm

  For agency's, this is a great example on how to identify a niche and build a positioning of expertise. Agencies are historically bad at new business. Most do not have an identifiable target audience Many do not have a written plan to market themselves Inconsistent new business … [Read more...]

Lee Clow’s Beard: Word’s of Advertising Wisdom

Lee Clow's Beard for ad agency new business

If you think social media is hard to comprehend - the answers may be in our past! I was reading an Ad Age aricle this morning, "Lee Clow on Advertising, Then and Now". Ad Age has referred to Lee Clow as "advertising's art director guru".  He was a personal friend of Steve Jobs for some thirty … [Read more...]

Ad Agencies: Will 2013 Be the Year 3D Printing Goes Mainstream?

3d printing advertising agencies

3D Printing is an innovative technology that is sure to impact advertising, marketing and even agency new business.  "A faster and cheaper alternative to traditional methods of manufacturing is making its way into the mainstream market, and it looks to be changing the way people do … [Read more...]

David Ogilvy: Writing Tips for Ad Agency New Business

David Ogilvy ad agency new business content marketing

David Ogilvy remains one of the most famous names in advertising and continues to provide us with relevant content marketing tips.  In 1948, at the age of 37, Ogilvy founded the agency that would become Ogilvy & Mather. Starting with only a staff of two and no clients, he built his agency into … [Read more...]

How to Build A Platform for Ad Agency New Business

Michael Hyatt Platform for ad agency new business

If you’re serious about taking your agency to the next level, "you can’t succeed without a platform." Most agencies were late getting into social media. Then they literally “jumped in” with little to show for their time and effort. It takes more than a completed check-list for having an agency … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Supercharge Your Energy for Ad Agency New Business

energize ad agency new business

Agency new business does not come from burning ourselves out, grinding ourselves down or using ourselves up. Last year I felt lethargic. I went to my doctor for a checkup. Beyond being overweight and overworked there was nothing physically wrong with me. What I needed was a change of direction. I … [Read more...]