Bob Sanders

Bob Sanders speaker fuellines business development conference

Bob will be speaking on Thursday, October 8 at 1:30 PM. 

Session Title and Description:

The most powerful new business tool ever devised. Understanding New Business Chemistry!

In this powerful session you’ll see that the most important factor in new business, chemistry, is the least understood. You’ll learn why you should aim to win new business by making the prospect like you better. I’ll show you the best methods to control chemistry and steps to take to increase your firm’s “likability.” After the conference, you’ll know what you can do to get chemistry on your side with a wide range of good prospects.

  • Learn why your firm’s biggest obstacle may be poor chemistry with prospects.
  • Understand how to know what type of firm your prospect wants to deal with.
  • See why you need to decide whether to emphasize results, process, relationship, or inspiration before you pitch a prospec

More About Bob

Bob is the president of Sanders Consulting Group, a leading consulting firm working with agencies, public relations firms, design companies, direct response operations, digital and other marketing communication firms.

Bob directs program and practice development, handles most client engagements and manages the overall operation of the firm. He works closely with agency leaders all over the world on major new business presentations and developing agency growth programs. Prior to joining Sanders, Bob held the position of Partner with Agency Management Group, a firm specializing in operations, finance, and technology consulting for multinational agencies around the world and large independents here in the U.S. Before that he worked in account service positions with several traditional full-service agencies, held leadership positions with several digital startups and launched a media buying service.

Connect with Bob via Twitter @NewBusinessHawk #FuelLines

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