Describe Your Ad Agency in Six Words or Less

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Here’s a challenge for advertising, digital, media and PR agencies.

Let’s take it one step further … Can you describe your agency in six words “without” using these 10 Things Ad Agencies “usually” Say About Themselves?

Ten things agencies are most likely to say about themselves:

  1. Full service
  2. Comprehensive solutions
  3. Great ideas
  4. Results oriented
  5. Integrated marketing approach
  6. Wide range of experience
  7. We are strategic
  8. Great chemistry
  9. Out-side-the-box
  10. Award winning creative

If you are up for the challenge, share your description in six words or less in the comment section below. Be sure to identify your agency, include your agency’s website address if you like. I’d like to highlight these in a future post and have readers to vote on the best.

I offered this challenge several years ago that elicited over 50 responses.  Here are the results:

  1. We make brands better
  2. Big agency vets for half cost
  3. Creative nerds focused on user experiences
  4. We make you more awesome
  5. Creative ideas, serious technology
  6. It all starts with a question
  7. Brand image alignment. With a process
  8. Portland’s favorite small business marketing partner
  9. Mountain sports and tourism marketing specialists
  10. New York Hustle. Global Muscle
  11. Thought leadership in targeted markets
  12. Team work – we make it happen!
  13. Turning your communication into a conversation
  14. Helping companies achieve Meaningful Online Engagement
  15. Agents of Change
  16. Creativity that makes brands famous
  17. Fuel brand activation
  18. We listen, we engage, we create!
  19. Leveraging culture to create relevant campaigns
  20. Profitable Marketing For Small Business
  21. We think. Therefore we are
  22. Work that will Never be Forgotten
  23. Helping you help architects build better
  24. Less Expense. More Experience.
  25. Brands in a connected world.
  26. Bait Shop For Catching Customers
  27. Make The Truth Worth Sharing
  28. Taking the “ugh” out of thot
  29. Not like every other ad agency
  30. An extension of your marketing team.
  31. Proven PR experts delivering hard-hitting coverage
  32. Brand storytellers. All mediums. Since 1907
  33. Helping Brands Be Victorious Through Sports
  34. A hypersmart, people-powered search agency
  35. We build brand preference among Hispanics
  36. Born, you die, sell
  37. We find the right answers
  38. Food and Beverage Marketing Specialists
  39. Ideas for a smarter, faster world
  40. Total business-to-business marketing communications
  41. We Transform Brands and Build Business
  42. Brand Driven, Marketing Savvy
  43. Majorly Mobile Marketing Minded
  44. We’re different, you should be too
  45. The faster way to more customers.
  46. Industrial Strength Technology Marketing
  47. Integrated and seasoned: Digital, Creative, PR
  48. We help nonprofits grow beyond probabilities
  49. Honest, Handcrafted Work That Works
  50. We turn customers into fans
  51. Like you are our only client
  52. The Work. The Work. The Work
  53. Top-quality marketing that gets results!
  54. Making customers fall in love, daily
  55. We Deliver Customers
  56. Simple. Pure. And insanely potent.

Set your agency apart. Be different. Share your description in six words or less in the comment section below.

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