How to Fuel Ad Agency New Business With Content Marketing

content marketing for ad agency new business

Why is content such a valuable strategy to help ad agencies drum up new business?

I thought I would share a recent interview conducted by content marketer, Andy Baldacci. Andy hosts Hubstaff’s Agency Advantage Podcast where he helps agency owners grow their business.

If you’re skeptical of the value of content marketing for your agency or are worried that it will take too long to get results, this is the episode for you.

Click Here for a full written transcript and to listen to: Fueling Agency New Business With Content

Here are some interview excerpts on the importance of content marketing:

“The average Fortune 500 company has 17 agency relationships. The agency of record has pretty much dissipated. What prospects are looking for is expertise.”

“The commonality among experts is that experts write. This makes content marketing such a useful tool in establishing a positioning of expertise quickly.”

“So many companies jumped on the content marketing bandwagon back in 2015. There is now a gluttony of content. But, so much of it is generic. It isn’t written to a particular target audience.”

“Most agencies really didn’t get involved in social media until about 2010. When they jumped in, they literally jumped in. It was almost like a checklist, we now have an agency blog – check; an agency Twitter account – check; a company Facebook fan page – check. They wonder why they’re not generating any business through social media. They’re doing it wrong.

“Agencies forget that social media is about people connecting with people. They’re trying to lead with the brick and mortar agency.”

“When they create an agency blog, it’s usually a team blog approach, because nobody likes to write. A lot of agencies have given up on blogging because they’re not generating any new business from it. But, they’re either creating content about themselves, self promotional type content, or content that is not specific to a particular audience, content that is helpful to their marketing challenges.”

“I’m a cold-caller from way back. I use to make 45 to 75 cold calls a day when I served on staff leading new business. I’ve been in consulting now for 10 years. I have never made a cold call for new business. I don’t have to. The business comes and the magnet that creates the appeal is my content.

“New business has changed from the way we’ve done it in the past. There has been a significant paradigm shift. Instead of chasing new business, it’s now more important to be found.

“When a prospective client initiates the contact, the dynamic of the relationship is different. You’re not treated as a vendor but as a trusted expert.

“When a prospective client initiates the call, they’re ready for business. There is a strong emotional connection already established.”

“People want to work with other people that they know, trust, and like.”

“I don’t waste time with the wrong prospects. I’m developing relationships with the right prospects where we have points of appeal. We either share some of the same values or a similar culture, or maybe even a hobby. We have a chemistry, more of a personal connection.”

Agencies have no positioning. They look and sound alike. Even though they think they’re different, they’re not. They’re afraid of positioning because all they can think about is missed opportunities.”

Think about the efficiencies of content marketing. Again, you’re not chasing business. Prospects pursuing you, so the dynamic has changed. What is fueling this new business program is the development and sharing of content that enriches you professionally.”

“I like the process of leading with benefits instead of credentials and capabilities because it helps us to start thinking more like the prospect instead of like the agency. We’re so accustomed to our selling ourselves. We need to step back and ask ourselves, what does engagement look like from the perspective of the prospect? What’s their benefit or takeaway going to be?”

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