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 Guest article written by Russ Cornelius, Managing partner of The Brand Establishment, an association of agencies whose owners are Certified Brand Strategists.

I find it interesting that many agencies still consider brand development as developing a “wow” logo and ensuring that all marketing pieces have consistent messaging and look as if they are from the same organization.  From my perspective, a brand strategy must be developed and it must closely align with an organization’s business strategy.

Plus, these agencies ignore the true essence of any brand – those who are delivering upon the brand promise.  Sure, there are those agencies who recognize that the employees are responsible for delivering the brand promise, so they inform the employees as to the new direction and promises. Again though, they don’t give the employees the tools and systems to ensure that they succeed in living the brand. Starbucks gets it.  As do BMW, Ritz Carlton and Motel 6.

Internal brand development isn’t just telling the management team, employees and channel partners what the new messaging is. It is engaging these touch points to realize that they are the brand, and giving them the framework to be able to achieve in delivering the brand promise. We call it EnculturationTM, because the brand is the culture of an organization.

At The Brand Establishment, we certify agencies as Certified Brand Strategists. Through this process they learn how to approach a brand strategically and use the many tools we provide them to elevate their conversations about brand strategy with prospects and clients, further differentiating themselves from those agencies down the street, as well as enhancing their revenue stream. For truly successful brand development, it is important that an organization takes the time to uncover the essence of their brand.  We use a proprietary method called Turning the TelescopeTM. It is a marvelous and powerfully effective process.

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