The New Business Metrics Behind Successful Ad Agencies

successful ad agency metrics for new business

There ARE strong numbers behind successful advertising, digital, media and PR agencies that are applicable to yours. 

Speaker, writer and ad agency consultant, David Baker led in a Fuel Lines’ webinar: “The New Business Metrics Behind a Successful, Growing Agency”.

David speaks to, writes for, and consults with the marketing industry via ReCourses, Inc. He’s worked with 800 firms and in-house departments.

His work has been discussed in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fast Company. Inc. Magazine, Forbes, MarketingProfs, and BusinessWeek.

He has contributed portions of Cameron Foote’s The Business Side of Creativity, Robert Bly’s Internet Direct Mail: The Complete Guide to Successful E-Mail Marketing Campaigns, and the new AIGA book on Professional Practices in Graphic Design.

David is also the author of two RockBench books: Managing (Right) for the First Time and Financial Management of a Marketing Firm.

It’s true that new business success isn’t a numbers game like it used to be, beating the bushes to surface any prospective victim who might be interested. But there ARE strong numbers behind the success stories, and we’ll look at all of them in a way that you’ll be able to apply, right then, right there.

If you can solve the business development problem, you can usually solve about anything else, and here’s what that will look like, deep on the inside:

  • How many clients you should have?
  • How long they should stay?
  • What percentage of your revenue should each represent?
  • How long should it take to close them?
  • How many pitches should you win?
  • How many clients a given account person should handle?
  • How profitable individual projects and relationships should be?

The following free webinar will have your head will be brimming with actionable insight about all the numbers in the new business eco-system .

The Numbers Behind a Growing, Successful Agency  on VimeoTo view use the password: fueling

David Baker Recourses

Here are the links to some BIG GIVEAWAYS, materials that David shared with participants for free:

Click here to watch a webinar on the M/A Environment for Agencies (the password is “succession” without the quotation marks). This is normally sold for $160, but Fueling New Business has arranged to provide it to you for free.

Click here to download a PDF of the presentation deck used during the webinar (14 MB PDF). The password is “fueling” (without the quotation marks).

Click here to download an e-book version of Managing Right for the First Time (5.7 MB PDF), a book that Inc. Magazine termed one of the Top 10 Management Books for Entrepreneurs to Read. The physical book is available for sale on Amazon.

Click here to download an article on Principal Priorities (small PDF).

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