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Amazing Results From Effective Content Promotion

Trent Dyrsmid Brightideas

Guest post by Trent Dyrsmid.

Trent is the founder of and the host of the popular BrightIdeas podcast, where he has interviewed over 100 successful entrepreneurs to get them to share the exact steps that they used to achieve their results. Trent is also the founder of Groove Digital Marketing Agency, a firm specializing in digital marketing and marketing automation, and co-owner of ConvertKit, a software that makes it easy to capture leads and create email campaigns.… Continue reading

Infographic: Things to Think About When Advertising Internationally

things to think about advertising internationally

U.S. companies have a lot of potential in international markets for their products and services. A number of these markets are huge in terms of population, in countries such as China and India. American firms also want to advertise in other countries because the purchasing power of consumers and businesses in these markets is significant.

As many advertising agencies have learned, a successful advertisement in one country is not so simple to translate into another language without understanding a market’s distinctive cultural differences.

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Jay Baer Demonstrates How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Book for New Business

Youtility for Ad Agency New Business

There are many valuable tips and helpful ideas that you can use from Jay Baer’s promotion of his new book, Youtility.

I just finished reading Jay Baer’s book, Youtility: why SMART MARKETING is about HELP not HYPE. I highly recommend it.

This is an excellent book for agency owners to better understand how to create helpful marketing that will create new business opportunities for your agency.

Jay and I started our consulting practices about the same time, at the beginning of the Great Recession.… Continue reading

Stop the Bullying for Ad Agency New Business

ad agencies need to stop the bullying for new business

Agencies have only themselves to blame, making it easy for clients to bully them around. 

Agencies claim to be different but most are pretty much the same and sameness always breeds differentiation based on price.  There has been little innovation from agencies to migrate away from the old model of advertising. It still astounds me how few agencies differentiate themselves on expertise in social media.

Tough times are still ahead for agencies. Long term agency-client relationships are becoming uncommon:

  • CMOs tenures are very short, often less than 24 months
  • The marketing channels have greatly expanded and are more challenging than ever
  • Social media has empowered not only the retail consumer but also client prospects
  • There is a larger battle among traditional full service agencies and digital, media and PR agencies
  • Prospective clients are looking for expertise that most agencies can’t claim because they’ve chosen to be generalists

If agencies don’t want to play the numbers game, they must get away from the mentality that “everybody” is a prospective client as long as they have a heart beat and a budget.Continue reading

Use ManageFlitter to Build Your Twitter Following

manageflitter to grow your Twitter following

ManageFlitter provides you with a set of easy to use tools to help you build a prospective client audience for agency new business.

This is a web-based application that I use and recommend. It assists Twitter users with their account management and helps to grow their followers.  People who want to use Twitter for new business have found that it takes a long time and a lot of hours to create and maintain a genuine pool of prospects.… Continue reading

An Important Skill-Set for Agency New Business

Julian Treasure business sound expert

Listening is a very important skill-set for those charged with agency new business. 

There is so much noise in our current world we have forgotten how to listen. Office noise is extremely damaging to productivity.

You are one-third as productive in open-plan offices as in quiet rooms. – The Sound Agency

 I have the luxury of working from my home office most of the time. I love it. I have no music playing, there’s no television, my computer and iPhone are muted.… Continue reading