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Advertising Agencies Should Avoid The Pitch

ad agency pitch

I happen to be a fan of AMC’s reality television show, The Pitch. Not because it is creating national attention and buzz for our industry, but primarily because it shows the flaws of agencies pitching for new business.

In the first episode of season two, the winning agency, Breensmith, Atlanta, GA, lost the new account to the losing agency, Fletcher Rowley. Bizzare? Maybe to viewers, but not to most agencies who have pitched for business in the past because problems like this are the norm.… Continue reading

Email Marketing Compliance for Ad Agency New Business

email newsletters can spam act

Can I buy email addresses and email those people that haven’t opted-in? – The List of do’s and don’ts on CAN-SPAM

Guest article by: Dave Currie, CMO, The List and CEO, Catapult New Business

This is probably the most commonly pondered and asked question by new business teams contemplating the implementation of a proactive new business program for their agency.

Over the years at The List and Catapult New Business, I’ve seen millions of messages sent through email marketing platforms to corporate marketers, without a single CAN-SPAM issue.… Continue reading

Handy Tool: Social Media Dimensions Guide for Designers

The Only Dimensions You Need To Know If You Are Designing Content for Social Media is a platform for exploring, sharing, and promoting great visualizations. And a service that connects dataviz pros, to advertisers & publishers looking for compelling content. This new data-visualization startup whose team of designers, engineers and analytics experts creates innovative infographs for subscribers. They have raised over $2 million dollars in seed funding. created the following infographic that I thought you would find helpful.… Continue reading

The Case for Independent Agency Networks

Gary Burandt Executive Director of ICOM Ad Agencies

In light of the POG merger announcement it seems appropriate to review the benefits of independent networks.

This guest article was written by Gary Burandt, the executive director of of the International Communications Agency Network, Inc. (ICOM), a $3 billion USD network of 90 independent agencies in 70 countries. Gary is an Ad agency veteran and has worked around the world for top global agencies.

First, let’s address the apparent oxymoron of “independent network.” ICOM is made up of agencies owned and operated by local entrepreneurs all over the world who understand the necessity of international resources in today’s global marketplace.Continue reading

The Barkley Agency Finds A Niche in Marketing to Millennials

Millennial Marketing Jeff Fromm


For agency’s, this is a great example on how to identify a niche and build a positioning of expertise.

Agencies are historically bad at new business.

  • Most do not have an identifiable target audience
  • Many do not have a written plan to market themselves
  • Inconsistent new business practices
  • No positioning beyond constantly stating that, “we have great creative, we’re stratetic and we’re fun to work with!”
  • Lead new business efforts by talking about themselves – credentials, capabilities and case studies instead of leading with benefits
  • Treated as vendors instead of experts
  • No appeal to prospects outside of their local market or region – Why would a client want a long distance relationship if an agency looks and sounds like everybody else?
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