Why You Need Content for Ad Agency New Business

“If you’re not creating content on the web, you don’t exist.” – Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing since 2003

Digital, social and mobile have changed the way prospective clients consume and share information. Interruptive marketing tactics such as cold calling, direct mail and email blasts have very low rates of success. The agencies that get their content marketing platforms in place will have a huge advantage over those that continue to push their self-promotional marketing messages which prospects will continue to block out.

Agencies need to embrace the discipline of publishing as a vital part of their overall new business strategy. 

Deman Metric is a marketing advisory firm that provides practical online tools and training. They have built a membership community of over 30,000 marketing professionals in 75 countries. They have created an excellent visual guide for content marketing that I think you will find appealing.  I thought it would be a handy resource for those responsible for their agency’s business development. 

A Guide to Marketing Genius:  Content Marketing Powered by Demand Metric

Is your agency utilizing content market as part of your overall new business strategy? If so, please share what your doing in the comment section below.

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  1. Chuck Kent says:

    Do you think that this applies to large agencies as much as to small-to-medium sized shops? I recently spoke with a top player at a large office of a global agency, and the response was basically what it’s always been from that sector “Do good work and clients will find you.”

  2. The large global agencies don’t have to be as differentiated as small and medium size shops. There are far fewer global agencies competing against one another.


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