My Favorite Aunt Passed Away

Josephine and Jim Willis, true love

Love is more than flowers and a happy ending. True love is making another’s well-being more important than your own.

I’m attending the funeral of my aunt, Josephine Willis, today in Winchester, Tennessee. I know, you are not supposed to have favorites, but she earned this recognition. Since my childhood, she always made me feel special and has left me with a lot of wonderful memories.

My aunt Josie and uncle Jim had been married 63 years. Twelve years ago she had a massive stroke that left her partially paralyzed. She couldn’t speak and it was difficult for her to communicate but she had a keen mind till the very end of her life.

When she could no longer be cared for at home she had to go into a nursing home. Uncle Jim moved to an apartment close by. He was at her beside caring for her every day for many years. His sacrifice and selflessness made her situation bearable.  He demonstrated to all of us what true love really is.

Life is more than work. Thanks for allowing me to share my personal thoughts with you.

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  1. Lee McKnight Jr. says:

    Sorry for your loss Michael, sounds like she was a wonderful woman and aunt. Life is indeed more than work.

  2. Thanks Lee. She was indeed.

  3. MissSuccess says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you find comfort in your memories of you and your aunt together. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

  4. Don Beehler says:

    Very sorry to hear about your aunt passing away, Michael. Sixty three years of marriage is quite an accomplishment, especially in this day. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  5. Thank you Don.

  6. Very kind of you. Thanks.

  7. Ken Ohlemeyer says:

    Michael, so sorry to read of your aunt’s passing. I’ll be praying for you and your family.

  8. Very much appreciated Ken. Thank you!

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