Study: 12 Tools That Most Ad Agencies Use for New Business

a guide to social media tools for ad agency new business

A helpful resource for any agency owner or employees involved in agency new business.

RSW/US and Mirren Business Development co-sponsored a study of tools for new business. They surveyed over 300 agency principals and senior executives to better understand what tools agencies are using and which are the most effective. “New Business Tools: The Definitive Guide,” is a 100 page report that provides a review of all of the tools evaluated which includes:

  1. Social Media Platforms
  2. CRM Software
  3. Research Services
  4. Presentation Software
  5. Prospect Contact/List Building Services
  6. SEO Tools
  7. Email/Auto-Responder Services
  8. Survey Software
  9. Social Media Monitoring Tools
  10. Inbound Marketing Platforms
  11. Marketing/Webinar Platforms
  12. Project Management/Collaboration Tools

Mark Sneider, president RSW/US and Brent Hodgins, partner at Mirren, have pulled together the type of information agencies can use to evaluate and improve their new business efforts. I’m sure, as an annual study, the information will continue to grow even richer in each subsequent year.

 “The Definitive Guide will serve as the ultimate resource for anyone involved in helping their agency build their business.  We look forward to becoming an on-going resource for all agencies in the U.S.” – Brent Hodgins

“Given the challenges agencies face, we felt it would be extremely beneficial to survey agencies across the U.S. to determine what they find most effective (and most over-rated).” – Mark Sneider

Here are some of the highlights from this initial study:

  • Social media is used by 87% of the agencies surveyed as a tool for new business.
  • Only 18% rated social media as being effective.
  • Among the agencies surveyed, LinkedIn (21%), Twitter (20%), and Facebook (21%) are the most used social media platforms.
  • LinkedIn was rated as the most effective social media platform.
  • CRM systems are used by less than half, 45%, of agencies responding.
  • 39% of agencies using a CRM are using Salesforce.
  • 60% of agencies surveyed use research services. Hoovers and Forrester were the most used.
  • 32% of all agencies in the survey use PowerPoint for presenting, followed by Keynote at 25%.
  • Fewer than half of all agencies 43%, use a list service.
  • 49% of responders use The List, which was by far the most popular list service. The second most used service was Jigsaw at only 20%.
  • The most used SEO tool was Google Analytics 42%.
  • Of the email service providers, most agencies use MailChimp (24%) and Constant Contact (22%).
  • Of the agencies that use survey software, most are using SurveyMonkey/Zoomerang (79%).
  • The number one social media monitoring tool used by agencies is HootSuite.
  • 43% of the respondents say that the agencies using Inbound Marketing platforms, 43% find them to be effective for new business.
  • The main online meeting platforms used by agencies were GoToWebinar (35%) and Webex (30%).
  • 50% of agencies that use a project management tool use Basecamp.

Click on the following link to  download a copy of, “New Business Tools: The Definitive Guide”.

More information about Mirren can be accessed at or by contacting Brent Hodgins at

More information about RSW/US can be accessed at: or by contacting Mark Sneider at

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