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Tips for Targeted Post Titles for Ad Agency New Business

target titles for ad agency new business

Blog post titles should be reflective of your audience.

Overly creative titles don’t work well online. Most aren’t searchable and don’t make the right connection with the intended target when seen in a Twitter feed, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google Plus.

Clever titles will not be read if they cannot be found.

I recommend, when creating a post title, that you connect it with the content and the audience.

Well over 90% of my post title are written this way.… Continue reading

Ad Agency Evolution: Opportunities for Traditional Agencies

Jeff Adelson-Yan, Levelwing, digital media

Guest posts written by, Jeff Adelson-Yan, co-founder + managing partner of Levelwing, a South Carolina-based firm servicing both agencies and marketers with digital marketing, analytics and intelligence solutions.

Businesses today report that the number one challenge they face is increased competition within the marketplace.  This is especially true among advertising agencies in which the commoditization of media services and the challenges of margin pressures have never been more salient. Meanwhile, the average agency-client partnership has dwindled to less than three years on average as marketing budgets shrink and brands increasingly look to digital to stretch their marketing dollars.Continue reading

Why Salesloft can change ad agency new business

Dave Currie CMO The List and CEO Catapult New Business

Dave Currie
CMO The List and CEO Catapult New Business

A fast and effective addition to your list of new business tools.

Guest post by Dave Currie, CMO The List and CEO Catapult New Business

I’m constantly searching for process improvement, it’s at the very core of the way we do things, and just good business practice overall. Part of my role as a coach to my customers (both internal and external), is to seek out innovative solutions, test and then share them.… Continue reading

Lee Clow’s Beard: Word’s of Advertising Wisdom

Lee Clow's Beard for ad agency new business

If you think social media is hard to comprehend – the answers may be in our past!

I was reading an Ad Age aricle this morning, “Lee Clow on Advertising, Then and Now”. Ad Age has referred to Lee Clow as “advertising’s art director guru”.  He was a personal friend of Steve Jobs for some thirty years. He’s known for co-creating Apple Computer’s 1984 commercial “Think Different”, which is considered to be the greatest Super Bowl commercial ever.… Continue reading

Study: 12 Tools That Most Ad Agencies Use for New Business

guide to ad agency new business tools

A helpful resource for any agency owner or employees involved in agency new business.

RSW/US and Mirren Business Development co-sponsored a study of tools for new business. They surveyed over 300 agency principals and senior executives to better understand what tools agencies are using and which are the most effective. “New Business Tools: The Definitive Guide,” is a 100 page report that provides a review of all of the tools evaluated which includes:

  1. Social Media Platforms
  2. CRM Software
  3. Research Services
  4. Presentation Software
  5. Prospect Contact/List Building Services
  6. SEO Tools
  7. Email/Auto-Responder Services
  8. Survey Software
  9. Social Media Monitoring Tools
  10. Inbound Marketing Platforms
  11. Marketing/Webinar Platforms
  12. Project Management/Collaboration Tools

Mark Sneider, president RSW/US and Brent Hodgins, partner at Mirren, have pulled together the type of information agencies can use to evaluate and improve their new business efforts.Continue reading

Twitter: Find Prospects Using The Business Journal’s Network

the business journals for ad agency new business

How to instantly subscribe to Twitter accounts of every American City Business Journal.

For years, I used The Business Journals Book of Lists for new business intelligence to find the decision makers of prospective clients.  I also subscribed to the print editions of The Business Journals in key markets that we targeted. These publications were always very helpful when scouting for new business.  They provided comprehensive coverage of local business news in each of their markets.… Continue reading