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A 4-step writing formula for ad agency new business

AIDA Formula for Ad Agency New Business

The use of the AIDA Formula can simplify your content marketing.

The 1992 movie, Glengarry, Glen Ross, was about a group of desperate and struggling real estate agents. Alec Baldwin plays the role of  their sales motivator. He shares with the group the AIDA formula and then informs them that they must compete in a sales contest where the losers will be fired.

This is an excellent 4-step formula for any writing project: screenplays, sales letters, ad copy, blog posts, news releases, agency presentations and web pages. … Continue reading

20 Tips to Create a Niche Blog for Ad Agency New Business

a niche blog for ad agency new business

A niche blog allows agencies to focus on a specific target audience, to create a stronger point of differentiation and a positioning of expertise. 

According to a recent agency survey86.2% of the respondents believe that content marketing is now an important part of an agency’s new business efforts. The study also indicates that few have found the keys to success of blogging for new business.

Sam Weston, Director of Communications at the digital agency Huge, was recently quoted as saying,

Nobody reads agency blogs, and there are so many out there it’s impossible for people to keep up anyway.

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For ad agency presentations body language trumps content

Michael Gass Presentation Mirren New Business

‘The body says what words cannot.’’ Martha Graham

In a study conducted by UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian, 55% of communication cues come from a speaker’s physical presence, 38% from tone, and only 7% from the spoken words.

When presenting for agency new business remember, YOU are the most important visual to your audience.  This is why I’m such an advocate of presentation rehearsals. To build confidence and improve your body language you need to practice, practice, and practice some more.… Continue reading

How to Create a Niche Ad Agency Blog to Boost New Business Opportunities

Michael Gass Ad Agency New Business Training

This video is an interview that was conducted by McDougall Interactive in Boston, MA. I share my philosophy and tips on how agencies can use a niche blog for new business.

A blog provides agencies with the perfect platform to create a niche that is appealing to a specific target audience, it also allows them to have a clear point of differentiation from their competition and a position of expertise. 

Agencies have a commonality of problems when it comes to new business.Continue reading

HootSuite Pro for Ad Agency New Business

Hootsuite for ad agency new business

 You can better manage and improve your agency’s New Business | Social Media program using HooteSuite Pro.

In a recent survey, time management was one of the top three areas of difficulty agencies were having using social media for new business.

There are a number of tools that I recommend to help manage your agency’s New Business | Social Media program. HootSuite is at the top of my list.

In late 2012 HootSuite hit 5 million users, including 79 of the Fortune 100 companies.

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Report: 2013 New Business Social Media Survey

new business social media agency survey

Almost 70% of agencies surveyed believe that social media is great for new business and 81% believe it to be an efficient tool for networking. 

A survey was sent to advertising, digital, media and public relations executives  to assess their attitudes toward social media, where they are finding success, what tools they use and where they continue to struggle.

Most agencies sat on the sidelines during the rapid rise of social media and didn’t really participate until around 2010.… Continue reading