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A Blog Post Template for Ad Agency New Business

focus ad agency new business

A blog post template provides FOCUS that will save time developing content for new business.

I’m often asked if I use a template for creating my blog post articles and the answer is yes. I also use it with my clients to help them develop a system for content creation that makes writing easier and more consistent. You will waste less time by having a routine in place to help jump start your writing. It will also help to keep your content focused, highly searchable and relevant to your target audience.Continue reading

25 Ways to Be Found for Ad Agency New Business

Tips for creating a larger online presence to be found by your agency’s best prospects.

Almost five years ago I had an epiphany for new business. It came from a CMO Study, released in early 2008, where 85% of decision makers said they found their vendors not the other way around. I realized there was a paradigm shift taking place for new business brought on by the great recession and social media’s evolution as another communication channel.… Continue reading

Video Editing is Becoming an Important Skill Set for Ad Agency New Business

Tom Martin video production agency new business

The skill set for doing agency new business is changing so be prepared to adapt.

“There are not a whole lot of people who have done this job in the past who know how to do it well now,” Avi Dan, a former new business executive at Euro RSCG, Berlin Cameron United and Saatchi who’s now president of Darling in New York.

A significant paradigm shift is taking place that impacts how ad agencies acquire new business and also affects the knowledge and skill sets new business rainmakers need for success.  … Continue reading

A boutique agency moves its website to Pinterest

Agencies should be innovative in using social media for new business.

Cyclonix, Inc., a design boutique agency, has moved their website to Pinterest. The site is a work in progress, but give them credit for exploring and experimenting while most agencies are still sitting for the bench waiting on others to do the innovating.

Cyclonix turned to Pinterest because of the site’s visual nature. “With its intuitive design and graphic appeal, Pinterest emerged as an ideal platform for our relaunch,” says Peter Gallagher, chief creative officer.

Continue reading

10 Ways to Use Pinterest to Reach Prospects

Given that 83% of human learning occurs visually, Pinterest has great potential for ad agency new business. 

Pinterest, a pinboard-style social photo sharing website, continues to create a lot of buzz as one of the hottest social media platforms since Twitter. This unique social media service attracts more than 1.5 million visitors a day and already provides more referral traffic to other sites than Google +, LinkedIn and Youtube combined. Subscribers spend, on average, 16 minutes on the site per visit.… Continue reading