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An agency network that is focused on helping independent agencies to pitch, win and manage international accounts, themselves.

I asked Julian Boulding, London England,  to share information about an international agency network called thenetworkone, which he co-founded. This non-traditional network, provides a custom-built international network, that is available “on demand” for new business pitches and with existing clients at an affordable price.

Julian, a graduate of Cambridge University,  began his career in media sales and direct marketing before switching to the agency  business side. He spent eight years working for independent agencies in UK, before joining the DMB&B Group (now part of Publicis) in 1997. He has held senior management roles in London, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo and New York leading and coordinating global and regional campaigns for companies like Procter & Gamble, M&M Mars, Whirlpool, Philips Electronics, Avon cosmetics and Continental Airlines.

Realizing that existing networks did not provide full answers for pitching and servicing international accounts, Julian developed his own unique solution with thenetworkone in 2003. This network now has relationships with almost 400 independent agencies in 64 countries.

Julian Boulding, President, thenetworkone

thenetworkone is not a trade association, nor a traditional network. We are not a club, with twice-yearly meetings in nice resorts, and special programs for spouses. We don’t offer “the chance to be our exclusive representative in China” (or even Iowa). We’ve nothing against that kind of network, and indeed, we collaborate with a number of them. It’s just not what we do ourselves.

Our focus is on introducing new business from international clients, to independent agencies; and on helping independent agencies to pitch, win and manage international accounts, themselves.

We already work with most of the leading independent agencies in Europe, Africa and Asia, and many in the Americas. 84 countries in total, and counting. (Uzbekistan? No problem.) We have always been well represented in traditional markets like UK, Germany and France, and we are now particularly strong in new economies like China, India and Latin America.

We work with advertising, digital, social-local-mobile, PR, media, CRM, design…in fact, agencies in all marketing communications disciplines.

So if your client needs a CRM agency in Shanghai, or a digital agency in Hong Kong, or a PR firm in Beijing; or an agency with experience in a particular sector, like healthcare, or technology, or automotive, or fast food – ask us, and we will provide the best match for your client’s needs, as well as an agency partner with compatible culture to your own.

In new business pitches especially, time is of the essence. We work fast, and guarantee a response the same or the next working day, to any member’s request.

Our fees are transparent, and published on our website www.thenetworkone.com for all to see. We make no charge for accreditation, which enables us to bring new business to you (we charge a finder’s fee, but only for successful introductions.) We just have to get to know you. You don’t need to be a global superstar or multiple award winner, you just need to be very good at what you do.

We charge an affordable fee (US $3200 per year) for membership, which provides effective and pro-active international support for your own business development.

Membership is not for everyone: we work with almost 400 agencies, of whom half are “accredited” and half are “members.” Which option is right for you, depends on your business priorities and the level of your international ambitions.

If you would like to know more, please contact:

Julian Boulding, President

Email: julian.boulding@thenetworkone.com

Office: +44 207 240 7117

Mobile: +44 778 892 2299

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  1. Excellent initiative, but with a steep membership fee (at least for smaller agencies), do you guarantee business?

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