Green Marketing and Social Media Creates New Business for Phoenix Ad Agency

It’s always helpful to hear how agencies have used social media to create new business opportunities, a point of differentiation and a positioning of expertise.

Park&CO is a full-service advertising agency in Phoenix, Arizona. They were your typical small to mid-size agency and no real difference from most of their competitors. There was no perception among their prospective client audience of having any expertise. But, their use of social media, over the past three years has rapidly changed their business and has impacted new business.

In the following video interview, Park&Co’s president, Park Howell, shares how he and his agency are using social media and how it has created international business opportunities and work with major brands.

Michael Gass’s interview with Park Howell, president of Park&CO, Phoenix, AZ

Park was recently honored as the “2010 Advertising Person of the Year,” by the American Advertising Federation in Metro Phoenix. Other agencies in town refer to Park and Park&Co as the “green agency.” But that is okay with them. Their positioning creates a strong appeal among larger clients and over a broader area than they ever experienced before.

Park&Co’s notable work includes a Bring Back Blue air quality campaign, which featured a 3-story dust mask hung on the superior court building, theLEED award-winning branding work for Global Water, the Water – Use It Wisely conservation campaign, the green online video distribution initiative for Forever Living Products, and a recently launched online business that allows contractors to review good customers and avoid bad ones.

Park&Co’s positioning provided them the opportunity to create and launch the “Sustainable Healthcare” brand for Adelante Healthcare, a 30-year-old Arizona healthcare provider.

Their work has also been recognized in several publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Stanford University’s, “Social Innovation Review,” an award-winning magazine covering best strategies for nonprofits, foundations, and socially responsible businesses.

Check out Park’s green marketing blog, “Park Howell: Sustainable Storyteller” and follow Park on Twitter: @ParkHowell.

You will get an idea on how Park has created a positioning of expertise for green marketing from this sampling of posts:

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