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Comparison of the 5 Biggest Cloud Services for Ad Agency New Business

The best advice on where you should put your cloud content based on what you own and what your personal habits are.

The popularity of cloud based storage has soared in popularity. People’s appetites have dramatically shifted from having access to physical content to digital content delivered to multiple devices and that is good for those charged with new business because it has created a multiplicity of cloud based solutions.

People are more concerned about storing digital content.

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The 15 Advertising Agencies Featured in AMC’s ‘The Pitch’

pitching for ad agency new business

‘The Pitch’ showcases why a “pitching for new business strategy” is not in your best interest.

The AMC hit television series, Mad Men, has received critical acclaim, winning fifteen Emmys and four Golden Globes. It was the first basic cable series to win the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series and won the award in each of its first four seasons.

AMC’s ‘The Pitch’ seems to be trying to capitalize on the popularity of Mad Men with a “reality TV” version that premieres following an episode of Mad Men. … Continue reading

12 LinkedIn Improvements for Ad Agency New Business

LinkedIn 277% More Effective for Lead Generation Than Facebook and Twitter.

In a study conducted by Hubspot, LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher (277%) than both Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77%).

200 million leads were generated on LinkedIn last year, according to their Advertising Chief, Jim Lister.

LinkedIn is an important social media platform for agency new business that helps you to:

  • Re-establish older connections with past colleagues and clients.
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A Global Network of Independent Advertising Agencies for New Business

Belonging to an international network, agencies have instant access to a tremendous knowledge base, expertise and access to global creative.

This guest post is written by Cheri D. Gmiter, the executive director of Magnet Global Network.  She serves as the communications hub of this international network of independent advertising agencies. She has over 30 years of agency and broadcast experience.

Cheri Gmiter, Executive Director of Magnet Global Network

Advertising clients that once worked with one or two agencies to handle their marketing needs now may divide their work among 5 to 10 shops that specialize in media, design, digital, SEO and Social.… Continue reading

The Pitch: Mad Men Pitching For Ad Agency New Business

Real ad agencies take the veil off the new-business-review process and it isn’t pretty.

“The Pitch”, is a new reality show featuring two agencies, McKinney and WDCW, who are competing for a Subway assignment. The new business pitch is the way agencies win most of their business and grow.  The sneak peaks of The Pitch is an edited version of the creative process of both agencies that builds toward the pitch and then declaration of the winner.… Continue reading

Mark Schaefer Addresses the Controversial Subject of Scoring Social Media Influence

Klout score has become a new way of matching relevant influencers to relevant brands by providing a social media score.

Social media measurement is a topic of importance and warrants the attention and participation of the advertising industry.

I conducted the following interview of Mark Schaefer, an internationally known business author, marketing consultant and college professor. Mark is the author of the best-selling book, “The Return On Influence: The revolutionary power of Klout, social scoring and influence marketing.”

Here is my review of this book:

Mark Schaefer is to be commended.… Continue reading

A Resource for International New Business for Ad Agencies

Julian Boulding thenetworkone

An agency network that is focused on helping independent agencies to pitch, win and manage international accounts, themselves.

I asked Julian Boulding, London England,  to share information about an international agency network called thenetworkone, which he co-founded. This non-traditional network, provides a custom-built international network, that is available “on demand” for new business pitches and with existing clients at an affordable price.

Julian, a graduate of Cambridge University,  began his career in media sales and direct marketing before switching to the agency  business side.

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Validation for the World’s First Creative Ad Agency Built on Crowdsourcing Principles

A new business model for ad agencies that combines the best of what a creative agency can do and the best of what crowdsourcing can offer.

Havas, a leading advertising holding group, sees enormous potential in a new model for advertising agencies. They have announced acquisition of Victors & Spoils, the world’s first creative advertising agency built upon crowdsourcing principles.

“When an industry goes through a revolution, you can either sit and watch it happen or embrace the exciting new business models at the forefront of that revolution.

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Green Marketing and Social Media Creates New Business for Phoenix Ad Agency

It’s always helpful to hear how agencies have used social media to create new business opportunities, a point of differentiation and a positioning of expertise.

Park&CO is a full-service advertising agency in Phoenix, Arizona. They were your typical small to mid-size agency and no real difference from most of their competitors. There was no perception among their prospective client audience of having any expertise. But, their use of social media, over the past three years has rapidly changed their business and has impacted new business.… Continue reading