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If you will periodically review your blog’s stats you can greatly improve your writing, traffic and opportunities for new business. 

I make it a point to check my blog statistics each day. Often, I’m checking my stats every couple of hours when I have posted new content.  Traffic statistics will show whether my content marketing is working and how I can improve.

Here are 4 simple tips to boost your blog’s traffic and improve your content: 

1. Find your niche.

Most small to mid-size agencies agree they should be positioned and differentiated from their competitors. But most aren’t willing to drive their stake in the ground and declare this is who we are, this is our target audience, and this is how we are actually different from the rest.

Clearly name your niche audience. You can do this in your header. Mine is “Fueling Ad Agency New Business Through Social Media”. My tag conveys that the content contained in my blog is specific to my audience. Identifying your audience will make the writing easier and more appealing.

A blog allows an agency owner to create a niche without fearing the loss of another new business opportunity, if you don’t have a niche, you wont have success using social media marketing for new business.

2. Improve your writing.

Through your stats you will come to know the type of information, content and writing style that is most appealing to your audience.

Stats help me improve writing my content in an evergreen way. Writing content that is timeless will guarantee a long shelf life and provide a greater return on my time investment. That’s why I’m willing to find ways to give even more of my time to creating valued content and content that will last.

My writing mix is usually 1 original post for every 4 to 5 curated articles. Curated content, made relevant to my audience, is developed from sources such as expert tips, quotes, videos, statistics, charts, infographics, etc. My writing mix formula was created and refined from reviews of my blog’s analytics. It allows my blog to become a repository of helpful information for my audience.

3. Know where the traffic is coming from.

It’s helpful to know how much of your blog’s traffic comes through search, directories, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. You know what is working to drive traffic and what areas need improvement.

My number 1 post of all time is, “Steve Jobs: 10 Presentation Tactics For Ad Agency New Business”. The post was published August 8, 2010 and has produced over 87,000 + page views. Traffic exploded when it was picked up and promoted through StumbleUpon. This caused me to give even more attention to StumbleUpon and make it an important part of my social media marketing strategy.

4. Use search engine optimization. 

“Ad Agency New Business” is included in almost every post title and my blog’s content is naturally optimized because I have a clear target audience and focus. This is what has propelled my content to consistently rank high in Google Search.

Google has become my business card for new business.

According to my website stats, these are my top 10 new business articles:

  1. Steve Jobs: 10 Presentation Tactics for Ad Agency New Business
  2. The Top 14 List of Advertising Agency Networks for New Business
  3. Study: The Top Five Causes of Friction in Client and Ad Agency Relationships
  4. Steve Jobs’s 10 Best Quotes for Advertising Agencies
  5. 28 Stimulating Digital and Social Media Marketing Quotes
  6. Forbes: 20 Best-Ever Social Media Campaigns
  7. How to Consistently Create Great Content for Ad Agency New Business
  8. SlideShare: Presentation Trends For Ad Agency New Business
  9. Ad Agencies Should Be Pricing On Purpose for New Business
  10. Top 10 Benefits of Social Media for Ad Agency New Business
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